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Bullet points

Bullet points are brilliant for summarising key points and highlighting important information. They can break up long and hard-to-read sentences and help people find what they're looking for on the page.

Our policy on them is pretty simple:

  • They should always follow a colon
  • Use square bullet points wherever possible
  • Plus a few extra rules that you can read below

If the sentence before the colon and the bullets after it form a continuous sentence, each line starts with a lowercase letter and there is no punctuation:

In catered accommodation there is a:

  • common room
  • bar
  • laundrette

If the bullets do not follow on in a continuous sentence, each line starts with an uppercase letter and there's no punctuation:

Catered accommodation offers a wide range of facilities:

  • Access to kitchen
  • Bike storage
  • Laundrette

If the bullets are in a self-contained list, each one starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop:

  • Each kitchen is equipped with a sink, kettle, toaster, microwave, hob, oven, cupboard space, fridge and freezer.
  • The bike storage areas are all highly secure and are close to the halls.
  • The laundrettes are open from 8 till late, but don't forget to bring your own detergent.