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University of Nottingham

We are the University of Nottingham.

That's upper case "U" and "N" and always a lower case "o" in "of" and "t" in "the" – unless it's at the start of a sentence, of course:

Students at the University of Nottingham enjoy a diverse global community.

The University of Nottingham was established in 1881.

There are two exceptions to this:

  • Nottingham University Business School

Nottingham University Business School is part of the University of Nottingham

  • If you're referring to the university in general. In this instance use lower case "u" - upper case here makes us look stuffy.

The university attracts students from the UK and beyond.

There may be times when you can even refer to us as "Nottingham", but take care with this and make sure it's clear that you're talking about the University of Nottingham, and not the city or Nottingham Trent University. For more information about when this might be appropriate read our guidance on voice and tone.

When the university appears in any in alphabetical lists, it should always be listed under “N” and written as University of Nottingham.


UoN stands for the University of Nottingham. It's an informal way of referring to ourselves that we mainly use in slogans and on social media in hashtags and handles. It's partly to save space, but also to create a sense of community, on campus and online.

Use UoN sparingly, being aware of context and audience. As with all acronyms, it can exclude people who aren't familiar with its meaning. And it's not appropriate in more formal content.

Committed to our people, partners and the global effort. #WeAreUoN

Things you probably didn't know about @UniofNottingham: we have terribly restrained and contemplative foxes. #BeastsofUoN