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Industrial Economics

We are one of the largest and most renowned groups of Industrial Economists in the UK, with over 20 academic staff. We work in many major aspects of industrial, finance and applied economics, including:

  • innovation
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate governance and executive remuneration
  • regulation and public policy
  • behavioural and experimental economics
Our research is widely published in major journals and our students benefit from our world-class research expertise.

Members of the Division play a leading role in the Business School's interdisciplinary Centre for Research in the Behavioural Sciences.

The Division runs an Industrial Economics Seminar Series, which presents work by eminent economists from the UK and internationally.

Our large and vibrant community of PhD students are supervised or co-supervised by members of the Industrial Economics Division. We welcome applications from PhD students with interests in theoretical and/or empirical aspects of Industrial Economics.

Nottingham University Business School scholarships are available for PhD students in the industrial economics field.

Contact us
Dr Kevin Amess (Division Head)
Professor Lina Song (Divisional Research Director)
We offer specialist undergraduate degrees in Industrial Economics, and Industrial Economics with Insurance. We also contribute to teaching on many other undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Nottingham University Business School.

Our division teaches the following modules:


Advanced Quantitative Methods and IT Skills for Business (BUSI3127)
Applied Econometrics (BUSI3030)
Behavioural Economics and Finance (BUSI3038)
Business Economics (BUSI1100)
Contemporary Economic Policy (BUSI2092)
Contemporary Economic Policy (BUSI2133)
Corporate Restructuring and Governance (BUSI3028)
Economic Principles (BUSI1097)
Economics of Pricing and Decision Making (BUSI2117)
Economics of Pricing and Decision Making (BUSI2087)
Economics of Regulation and Public Choice (BUSI3187)
Financial Economics (BUSI3027)
Firm Strategy and Internationalisation (BUSI2174)
Industrial Economics B: Games and Strategies (BUSI3109)
Industrial Economics B: Games and Strategies (BUSI3054)
Industrial Economics I: Economics of Organisation and Innovation (BUSI2170)
Industrial Economics II: Pricing and Decision Making (BUSI2171)
Industrial Economics III: Market Structure and Competition Policy (BUSI3180)
Industrial Economics IV: Games and Strategies (BUSI3181)
International Firms (BUSI2074)
Introduction to Economics (BUSI1095)
Introductory Econometrics (BUSI2001)
Law and Economics (BUSI3013)
Macroeconomics for Business (BUSI1060)
Macroeconomics for Business (BUSI1081)
Managing International Business in China (BUSI4404)
Microeconomics for Business (BUSI1099)
Quantitative Analysis for Business (BUSI1006)
Quantitative Methods 1a (BUSI1007)
Quantitative Methods 1b (BUSI1039)
Quantitative Methods 1b (BUSI1008)
Quantitative Methods 2A (BUSI2010)
Risk Management Processes (BUSI3012)
Strategic Innovation Management (BUSI3046)
The Psychology of Economic and Business Decisions (BUSI2051)


Business Economics (BUSI4045)
Business Economics (BUSI4014)


Behavioural Economics and Decision Making (BUSI4417A)
Behavioural Economics and Decision Making (BUSI4417)
Business Economics (BUSI4194)
Business Economics (BUSI4468)
Business Economics (BUSI4315)
Corporate Governance (BUSI4418)
Corporate Strategy (BUSI4255)
Corporate Strategy (BUSI4313)
International Business Enviroment (BUSI4319)
International Business Environment (BUSI4195)
Managerial Economics (BUSI4307)
Managerial Economics (BUSI4210)
Managerial Economics (BUSI4433)
Managing International Business in China (CHIN4012)
Quantitative Research Methods for Finance & Investment (BUSI4566)
Quantitative Risk Management (BUSI4428)
Quantitative Techniques for Finance (BUSI4252)
Theory of Risk and Applications (BUSI4453)
Topics in Advanced Econometrics (BUSI5007)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham
The following lists all of those journal articles, books and book chapters published by current members of the Industrial Economics division from 1996 to the present day. Please note that whilst other types of publication are excluded, these can be accessed from the individual staff pages on the main staff list.

Journal Articles

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External Internal (P)rovisional

May 2021
Date: 12/05/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Jing Zhang, Nottingham University Business School
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2021
Private Equity Buyouts, Credit Constraints and Firm Exports
Date: 21/04/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Marina Spaliara, University of Glasgow
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2021
Exclusive Data, Price Manipulation and Market Leadership
Date: 24/03/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Yiquan Gu, University of Liverpool
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Nationalism, Firm Value and Relocation
Date: 17/03/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Ariel A Casarin, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Competition and Misconduct
Date: 10/03/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor John Thanassoulis, Warwick Business School
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Pre-play Promises, Threats and Commitments under Partial Credibility
Date: 03/03/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor Tigran Melkonyan, University of Alabama
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2021
Granular Price Discrimination on an Online Platform
Date: 24/02/2021  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Ioana Chioveanu, Nottingham University Business School
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2020
Manipulation and (Mis)Trust in Prediction Markets
Date: 16/12/2020  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor Todd R Kaplan, University of Exeter
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Tort Liability and Unawareness
Date: 09/12/2020  Time: 3.00-4.15pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor David Kelsey, Nottingham University Business School
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2019
Title: A Theory of Stable Price Dispersion.
Date: 20/11/2019  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: A35, Dearing Building
Speaker: David Ronayne
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Title: Uncovered Interest Parity and the Yield Curve: The Long and the Short of It..
Date: 06/11/2019  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Simon Lloyd, Bank of England
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2019
Dr Subir Bose, Leicester
Investment under Unknown Learning-by-doing: Experimenting with a Restless Bandit

Date: 20/03/2019  Time: 13.00  Venue: A08, Bus Sch. South
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Pavel Chakraborty, Lancaster
Title Bank Ownership, Monetary Policy, and Exports: Evidence from a Matched Firm-Bank Dataset

Date: 06/03/2019  Time: 13.00  Venue: A21, Si Yuan Centre
Speaker: Pavel Chakraborty, Lancaster
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2018
Financialisation and Innovation in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Brazil
Date: 10/10/2018  Time: 13.00 -14.00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Effie Kessidou
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

July 2018
Trading is Hazardous to Your Wealth: Evidence from Mutual Funds around the World
Date: 10/07/2018  Time:   Venue: Nottingham Contemporary
Speaker: Prof Marno Verbeek, Rotterdam
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Industrial Economics Division Workshop
Date: 09/07/2018  Time: 10:00  Venue: C01 Business School South
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2018
Inequality, envy and personality: An experimental study
Date: 16/05/2018  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: A08, Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Bereket Kebede, UEA
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Targeted Impulse Response Functions
Date: 09/05/2018  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Prof Anindya Banerjee, Birmingham
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2018
The Effect of Foreign Investors on Local Housing Markets: Evidence from the UK
Date: 25/04/2018  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Filipa Sa, Kings College
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2018
Maternal autonomy and child nutrition (with Anjor Bhaskar and Nisha Srivastava)
Date: 14/03/2018  Time: 13:00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Prof Wiji Arulampalam, Warwick
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2018
The impact of typhoon Yolanda on solidarity and anti-social behaviour in the Philippines.
Date: 21/02/2018  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: A32 , Dearing
Speaker: Dr Bjorn Vollan, University of Marburg
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2017
External Debt Sustainability and Vulnerabilities
Date: 30/11/2017  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Matthieu Llorca, University of Burgundy
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Internet and Politics: Evidence from U.K. Local Elections and Local Government Policies
Date: 22/11/2017  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Professor Alessandro Gavazza, LSE
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Air Cargo Market Structure, Intermodal Competition, and Prices: Evidence from Chinese Imports from Europe
Date: 15/11/2017  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Sara Maioli, Newcastle
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2017
The Impact of Media on Trade: Evidence from the 2008 China Milk Contamination Scandal
Date: 10/05/2017  Time: 13:00  Venue: TBA
Speaker: Dr Zheng Wang, DeMontfort University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2017
The Dynamic Effect of Disability on Work and Subjective Wellbeing in Australia
Date: 01/03/2017  Time: 13:00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Melanie Jones, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2017
Jobs for Justice(s): Corruption in the Supreme Court of India
Date: 22/02/2017  Time: 13:00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Dr Madhav Shrihari ANEY, Singapore Management University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
A Generalized Model of Sales
Date: 08/02/2017  Time: 13:00  Venue: A21, Si Yuan Centre
Speaker: Dr Chris Wilson, Senior Lecturer of Economics, Loughborough University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2016
Acquisitions, Markups, Efficiency, and Product Quality
Date: 30/11/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: TBC
Speaker: Prof Joel Stiebale, Düsseldorf
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Date: 16/11/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: TBC
Speaker: Professor James Peter Neary, Department of Economics, University of Oxford
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Technology Entry in the Presence of Patent Thickets
Date: 02/11/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: TBC
Speaker: Dr Georg van Graevenitz, Queen Mary
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

September 2016
When Entrepreneurs Earn More
Date: 28/09/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: A06, Bus Sch South
Speaker: Prof Alexander Kritikos, DIW Berlin
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The Causal Effect of Essential Patents on Follow-on Innovation Related to Technology Standards
Date: 06/09/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: B2, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker:  Dr Justus Baron, Searle Centre, Northwestern Law
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

June 2016
Revisiting the Tradeoff between Risk and Incentives: The Shocking Effect of Random Shocks
Date: 22/06/2016  Time: 10:30  Venue: C1 Exchange Building
Speaker: Dr Roberto Hernan Gonzalez
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2016
Date: 11/05/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: A21, Si Yuan Centre
Speaker: Prof Swapnendu Banerjee, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2016
The Effect of Electricity Prices on Residential Solar Photovoltaic Panel Adoption
Date: 16/03/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: A21, Si Yuan Centre
Speaker: Dr Ron Chan, University of Manchester
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The Enforcement of Mandatory Disclosure Rules
Date: 02/03/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: A21, Si Yuan Centre
Speaker: Dr Matthias Dahm, School of Economics, University of Nottingham
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2016
Supply Assurance, Relational Contracts and Vertical Integration: Evidence from Costa Rica's Coffee Chain
Date: 24/02/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: A06, Bus Sch South
Speaker: Dr Rocco Macchiavello, University of Warwick
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Resource Inequality in Competition Between Teams
Date: 03/02/2016  Time: 13:00  Venue: C2, Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Abhijit Ramalingam, University of East Anglia
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2015
Plant-level Productivity in a Declining Market: The Case of Union Locals
Date: 02/12/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A06, Bus Sch South
Speaker: Dr Alex Bryson, LSE/NIESR
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2015
Multiproduct Monopoly Made Simple
Date: 25/11/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker:  Prof John Vickers, Oxford
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Sustainability of Product Market Collusion under Credit Market Imperfection
Date: 05/11/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: C30 Business School South
Speaker: Prof Sugata Marjit, University of Calcutta
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Cybercrime and Moral Hazard: Evidence From Dark Net Drugs Markets (with V. Bhaskar and R. Linacre).
Date: 04/11/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Professor Steve Machin, UCL
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2015
Incomplete contracts and relationship lending
Date: 07/10/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker:  Dr Daniela Fabbri, Reader in Finance, CASS Business School, City University London
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

June 2015
On the Cognitive Underpinning of Information Aggregation in Asses Markets: Reflective Learning & Market Efficiency (with Mark DeSantis and David Porter)
Date: 12/06/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Brice Corgnet, George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
On Target? The Impact of Sanctions Across Listed Firms in Iran
Date: 10/06/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Mirko Draca, University of Warwick
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2015
Penalizing Cartels: The Case for Basing Penalties on Price Overcharge
Date: 06/05/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A06, Bus Sch South
Speaker: Prof David Ulph, University of St Andrews
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2015
Coordinated vs Uncoordinated Punishment
Date: 29/04/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: C47 Dearing Building
Speaker: Dr Natalia Jimenez, Universidad de Granada and Middlesex University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2015
Direct and cross scheme effects in a targeted R&D subsidy programme
Date: 18/03/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A75 Business School North
Speaker: Dr Hanna Hottenrott, Assistant Professor Empirical Industrial Economics, University of Duessldorf
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2015
Price flexibility in British supermarkets: Moderation and recession
Date: 11/02/2015  Time: 13:00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Professor Michael Waterson, Warwick University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2014
Exclusive contracts and market dominance
Date: 10/12/2014  Time: 13:00  Venue: A75 Business School North
Speaker: Professor Vincenzo Denicolo, University of Leicester
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2014
Bank Asset reallocation and sovereigh debt
Date: 19/11/2014  Time: 13:00  Venue: A75 Business School North
Speaker: Dr Francesco Marchionne, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2014
Price Setting in Online Markets
Date: 22/10/2014  Time: 13:00  Venue: A75 Business School North
Speaker: Dr Oleksandr Talavera, Sheffield University Management School
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

June 2013
The Transatlantic Productivity Gap: Is R&D the Main Culprit?
Date: 21/06/2013  Time: 11:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Professor Marco Vivarelli, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2013
Unbundling the incumbent evidence from UK broadband
Date: 15/05/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Professor Tomaso Valletti, Imperial College London
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Design of services and in service innovation, concepts and evidence
Date: 02/05/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: C2, Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Ray Lambert, Judge Institute, University of Cambridge
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2013
Are you happy while you work?
Date: 24/04/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: B2, Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Alex Bryson, Principle Research Fellow and Head of theEmployment Group at National Institute of Economics and Social Research
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2013
Pharmaceutical Innovation and Parallel Trade
Date: 20/03/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: B2, Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Anna Rita Bennato, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Competition Policy
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The Role of GP's in Hospital Choice Analysis
Date: 06/03/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: A07 Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Walter Beckert, Senior Levturer, Berkbeck College School of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics and Kate Collyer, Director of Economics Analysis at UP Competition Commission
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2013
Start-up, Growth and Survival of New Businesses in the UK: New Insight from Entrpreneurs' Bank Accounts
Date: 13/02/2013  Time: 13:00  Venue: A34 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Dr Alex Coad, Senior Research Fellow, SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2012
Mergers and Innovation Incentives - Theory and Evidence
Date: 06/12/2012  Time: 13:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Joel Stiebale, NUBS
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2012
The effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on innovation
Date: 22/11/2012  Time: 13:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: James Waters, NUBS
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Innovators and Access to Finance in the UK's Environmental Sector
Date: 08/11/2012  Time: 13:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Pelin Demirel, NUBS
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2012
Understanding Apple's Success - conceptualising product-service bundles
Date: 25/10/2012  Time: 13:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Johann Riedel, NUBS
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The Internationalization of R&D and the knowledge production function
Date: 11/10/2012  Time: 13:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Maria Garcia-Vega, Nottingham University, School of Economics
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2012
Impact of patient-centred ad didactic education for type-II diabetes control
Date: 29/05/2012  Time: 12:30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Paul Windrum
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2012
Union Decline in Britian
Date: 27/03/2012  Time: 12:30  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Getinet Haile, NUBS
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2011
Introduction to Regression Discontinuity Design
Date: 08/12/2011  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: A08, Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Sourafel Girma (Professor of Industrial Economics, Economics, UoN)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2011
Fares, Load Factors and Yield Management: Evidence from a Low-Cost Airline
Date: 03/11/2011  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Claudio Piga (Loughborough University)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2011
The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China
Date: 10/10/2011  Time: 13.00 - 15.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2011
Date: 08/03/2011  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Howard Smith (University of Oxford)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Eco-Innovation Policies: Concepts and Best Practices
Date: 04/03/2011  Time: 12.00-  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Dr Klaus Rennings (Centre for European Economics Research, Zentrum Für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW))
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2011
Income Distribution and Housing Prices: An Assignment Model Approach
Date: 22/02/2011  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: A71, Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Marko Tervio (Aalto University, Helsinki)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2010
Business Partnerships and the Commercialization of Inventions
Date: 25/11/2010  Time: 12.30-14.00  Venue: C35, Bus. Sch. Dearing
Speaker: Tom Astebro (HEC Paris)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
'Emotions' and 'chat' in a financial markets experiment
Date: 16/11/2010  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: C49, Bus. Sch. Exchange Bldg
Speaker: Shaun Hargreaves Heap (University of East Anglia)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2010
Financial Crisis: System Accident or Elite Debacle?
Date: 21/10/2010  Time: 14.00-15.30  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Karel Williams (Manchester Business School)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Rockets and Feathers in the Laboratory
Date: 12/10/2010  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: B46, Bus Sch. Dearing
Speaker: Ralph Bayer
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2010
Economics of Innovation Brown Bag Seminar: Findings from the 2009 UK Innovation Survey
Date: 13/05/2010  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Ray Lambert (Deputy Director of Science and Innovation Analysis Group, Business Innovation and Skills Department)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2010
Network for Industrial Economics - "The Economics of Innovation"
Date: 19/03/2010  Time: 9.45-17.00  Venue: B11, Bus. Sch. Amenities
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Discrimination, Identity and Trust
Date: 02/03/2010  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: B12, Bus. Sch. Amenities
Speaker: Daniel John Zizzo (University of East Anglia)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2009
Financial Sector Remuneration and Financial Crisis: Bonus Practice and Leverage in UK Financial Institutions
Date: 10/12/2009  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: B2, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Rodion Skovoroda (Nottingham University Business School)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2009
Measuring Economies of Horizontal and Vertical Integration in the US Electric Power Industry: How Costly is Unbundling?
Date: 19/11/2009  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: A8, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr David Saal (Aston Business School)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2009
The ABC Of Nonlinear Panel Data Models
Date: 20/10/2009  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: A8, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Sourafel Girma
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

June 2009
Switch Marketing and the Retailer Double Agent Problem
Date: 23/06/2009  Time: 13.00  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Professor Paul Dobson (Loughborough University Business School)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2009
'Innovation, risk and entrepreneurship' Preference for Skew in Lotteries: Laboratory Evidence and Applications
Date: 28/05/2009  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Professor Thomas Astebro (HEC-Paris)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
China's Predicted Recovery from the Financial Crisis
Date: 19/05/2009  Time: 17.00  Venue: A41, Sir Clive Granger
Speaker: Professor Shujie Yao
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2009
Risk and Entrepreneurship
Date: 29/04/2009  Time: 1300-1400  Venue: B52 Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Alexander Kritikos
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2009
Ownership Unbundling of Electricity Distribution in New Zealand
Date: 25/03/2009  Time: 14.15hrs  Venue: A71, Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Michael Pollit (University of Cambridge)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2009
Measuring Innovation: The Economic Issues
Date: 04/02/2009  Time: 13:00-16:30hrs  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Bronwyn Hall (University of California Berkeley and Maastricht University); Paul Stoneman (Warwick University); Jonathan Haskel (Imperial College London)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2008
The ABC of PSM (Propensity Score Matching)
Date: 06/11/2008  Time: 12:00hrs  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Sourafel Girma
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2008
Workshop on Innovation and Industry
1. Cost Function Equilibria
2. The Elixir or Burden of Youth: Exploring Differences among Start-ups and Established Firms for Innovation
3. Three Perspectives on an Innovation: The Surprising Case of Microsoft

Date: 27/02/2008  Time: 16.00 - 18.00  Venue: A34 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: 1. Professor Friedel Bolle (European University Viadrina)
2. Dr Paola Criscuolo (with Nicos Nicolaou and Ammon Salter) (Tanaka Business School)
3. Professor Peter Swann
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2007
In Search Of Furry Economicus: Experimentation In The Virtual World Second Life
Date: 20/11/2007  Time: 1300 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Thomas Chesney, Robert Hoffmann and Swee-Hoon Chuah
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
How (not) to measure competition
Date: 14/11/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Jan Boone (Professor of Industrial Economics, Tilburg University)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2007
University research and the location of business R&D
Date: 31/10/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: A7, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Helen Simpson (Research Fellow, Institute of Fiscal Studies and Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Market and Public Organisation, Bristol)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Does services liberalization benefit manufacturing firms?
Date: 23/10/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: B37 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The ABC of GMM: some practical tips for applied research
Date: 10/10/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: A7, New Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Sourafel Girma
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2007
The ABC of DD: An introduction to the difference-in-differences methodology for applied researchers
Date: 23/05/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Sourafel Girma
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2007
Productivity in European Industries
Date: 13/03/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: B43 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Professor Mary O'Mahony
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2007
Innovation and the UK Productivity Puzzle: Are Intangible Investments the Answer?
Date: 21/02/2007  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Jonathan Haskel (Queen Mary College and the UK Competition Commission)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

December 2006
Survival Analysis using IDBR Data Looking at Firm Survival under Varying Conditions of Industry Turbulence
Date: 07/12/2006  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Andrew Burke (Max Plank Institute of Economics, University of Jena)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

June 2006
A Revealed Preference Test of Rationing
Date: 28/06/2006  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Adrian Fleissig
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2006
Pricing Home Mortgages and Bank Collateral: A Rational Expectations Approach
Date: 02/05/2006  Time: 16.00 - 17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: M. Shahid Ebrahim
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2006
The Value of Don Bradman: Additional Revenue in Australian Ashes Tests
Date: 05/04/2006  Time: 13.30 - 14.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Bruce Chapman (ANU, Canberra)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2005
The Economics of Abortion and Crime
Date: 17/05/2005  Time: 16.00 - 17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Leo Kahane (Calafornia State University)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Towards an Explanation of Foreign MNE FDI in the City of London Financial Services Cluster
Date: 10/05/2005  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Naresh Pandit (Manchester Business School, University of Manchester)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Police Reallocation Models
Date: 03/05/2005  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Mette Asmild
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2005
Liability, Insurance and Defensive Medicine: New Evidence
Date: 26/04/2005  Time: 16.00 - 17.30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Paul Fenn
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2005
Network Effects and Mobile Telephones
Date: 15/03/2005  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: B81, Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Daniel Birke, Nottingham University Business School (PhD Programme)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
When does RAROC measure shareholder value? Theoretical diagnosis and practical prescription
Date: 08/03/2005  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Alistair Milne (Cass Business School, City University)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

May 2004
Productivity and the Density of Local Clusters
Date: 17/05/2004  Time: 16.00-17.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Professor Rui Baptista (Technical University of Lisbon, Max Plank Institute for Research into Economic Systems)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2004
Does Market Experience Eliminate Preference Reversal?
Date: 29/04/2004  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: B37 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Jacinto Braga
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2004
Bertrand Competition with Rapid Innovation: The Case of the Digital Camera Market
Date: 18/03/2004  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: B19 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Stephen Thompson
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

January 2004
Short- and Long-Run Credit Constraints in French Agriculture: A Directional Distance Function Framework Using Expenditure-Constrained Profit Functions
Date: 13/01/2004  Time: 16.00-18.00  Venue: B43 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Kristiaan Kerstens (CNRS-LABORES, IESEG)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2003
Date: 25/11/2003  Time: 16.00 - 18.00  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Anthony Heyes (Royal Holloway)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Competition and Efficiency in UK Banking: The Impact of Corporate Ownership Structure
Date: 18/11/2003  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Leigh Drake
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2003
Should Social Security Invest In Equities? A Modified General Equilibrium Approach
Date: 28/10/2003  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C41 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: M. Shahid Ebrahim
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Discretion and Risk: Life Insurers' Choice of Investments
Date: 21/10/2003  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C42 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Christopher O'Brien
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Should Pension Funds Invest In Equities? A Modified General Equilibrium Approach
Date: 14/10/2003  Time: 13.00 - 14.00  Venue: C41 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: M. Shahid Ebrahim
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

April 2003
The impact of SDI on the demand for US space expenditure
Date: 29/04/2003  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Vasilis Zervos
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

March 2003
The minimum assumed incentive effect in executive share options
Date: 18/03/2003  Time: 14.15-16.00  Venue: B85, Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Brian Main (Edinburgh) Alistair Bruce (Nottingham)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
On the relationship between R&D and productivity: a Treatment Effect analysis
Date: 04/03/2003  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Claudio Piga
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

February 2003
Market entry and rollout with product differentiation
Date: 20/02/2003  Time: 16:00-18:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Neil Rickman/Dionisia Tzavara (Surrey)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
The Dynamics of Defensive Medicine
Date: 04/02/2003  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Robert Young
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

November 2002
'Accounting for environmental bads in the measurement of regional productivity'
Date: 19/11/2002  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Wendy Chapple
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
Legal institutions and performance: monitoring agreements in the early Danish dairy sector
Date: 05/11/2002  Time: 16:00-18:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Morten Hviid (UEA)
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics

October 2002
'The corporate cost of risk'
Date: 22/10/2002  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Stephen Diacon
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics
'"Lemmings to the sea?" - applications for commercial credit'
Date: 08/10/2002  Time: 13:00-14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Aoife Hanley
Hosting Group: Industrial Economics


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