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Dr Simona Mateut

MA (CEU), MSc (Siena), PhD (Siena), PGCHE (Sheffield), Fellow (The Higher Education Academy)
Associate Professor in Financial Economics

Division: Industrial Economics
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8468122
Location: B31 (South Building, Jubilee Campus)

Simona has been a member of staff at the University of Nottingham since 2010. She is an Associate Professor in Financial Economics. Her research interests include corporate finance, credit market imperfections and their implications for monetary policy transmission, and the relationship between firm innovation and productivity, competitiveness and economic growth. Her publications include papers in the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance, the European Economic Review, the European Journal of Finance and the Journal of Macroeconomics.

Research Interests
Macroeconomics; Applied microeconometrics
Credit market imperfections
Monetary policy transmission; Credit channel; Trade credit channel
Household indebtedness

Administrative Roles
Deputy Academic Lead for Accreditation
I am module convenor of the following modules:


Quantitative Research Methods for Finance and Accounting (N14182)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

I am currently supervising the following Research Students:

Hend Abdulhadi S Attuwaijri
Xin Deng

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Bridges, S.; Mateut, S. (2013), "Should they stay or should they go - Attitudes towards immigration in Europe", Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Vol.61 (4), pp. 397-429.

Mateut, S.; Zanchettin, P. (2013), "Credit sales and advance payments: substitutes or complements?", Economics Letters, Vol.118 (1), pp. 173-176.

Caglayan, M.; Maioli, S.; Mateut, S. (2012), "Inventories, sales uncertainty, and financial strength", Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol.36 (9), pp. 2512-2521.

Guariglia, A.; Mateut, S. (2010), "Inventory investment, global engagement, and financial constraints in the UK: evidence from micro data", Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol.32 (1), pp 239-250.

Bougheas, S.; Mateut, S.; Mizen, P. (2009), "Corporate trade credit and inventories: new evidence of a trade-off from accounts payable and receivable", Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol.33 (2), pp.pp 300-307.

Guariglia, A.; Mateut, S. (2006), "Credit channel, trade credit channel, and inventory investment: evidence from a panel of UK firms", Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol.30 (10), pp.pp 2835-2856.

Mateut, S.; Bougheas, S.; Mizen, P. (2006), "Trade Credit, Bank Lending and Monetary Policy Transmission", European Economic Review, Vol.50 (3), pp.pp 603-29.

Mateut, S. (2005), "Trade Credit and the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission", Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol.19 (4), pp.pp 655-670.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Bougheas, S.; Lim, H.; Mateut, S.; Mizen, P.; Yalcin, C. (2018), "Foreign Currency Borrowing, Exports and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Currency Crisis", European Journal of Finance, Vol.24 (17), 1649-1671.

Mateut, S. (2018), "Subsidies, financial constraints and firm innovative activities in emerging economies", Small Business Economics, Vol.50 (1), 131-162.

Mateut, S.; Chevapatrakul, T. (2018), "Customer financing, bargaining power and trade credit uptake", International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol.59, 147-162.

Guariglia, A.; Mateut, S. (2016), "External finance and trade credit extension in China: does political affiliation make a difference,", European Journal of Finance, Vol.22 (4-6), pp. 319-344.

Mateut, S.; Mizen, P.; Ziane, Y. (2015), "Inventory composition and trade credit", International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol.42, pp.434-446.

Mateut, S. (2014), "Reverse trade credit or default risk - explaining the use of prepayments by firms", Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol.29, pp. 303-326.



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