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Is an MBA for me?

Our students are ambitious business-minded people who want to re-shape their careers by building wider networks and gaining new knowledge and ideas.

Students say the key reasons for studying an MBA are:

  • a desire to change something about their professional life
  • to progress in their career
  • to widen their professional network and, as a result, increase opportunities

Who we're looking for

Are you looking to progress to higher levels of management?

The Nottingham MBA will equip you with the necessary management skills and knowledge to progress your career. It will help you stand out from the competition and your chances of commanding a higher salary will increase.

Are you mid-way through your career, want a change of direction or have the opportunity to start your own business and 'go-it-alone'?

Our Business Practice Week and international study tours will bring you into contact with many organisations, sectors and industries. Studying alongside people from diverse cultural backgrounds with a range of experience will help you shape your future career plans.

The Nottingham MBA helps you develop entrepreneurial skills. Many former students start enterprises or are supported by our superb business incubators. The opportunity to network and forge relationships with like-minded people, and be mentored by leading experts, will be invaluable to your future success.

Are you returning to work after a period away?

An MBA will bring you up to speed with the latest thinking, research and business knowledge which will impress employers when you return to work.

Are you a highly-trained specialist but want to apply your skills to a business management role within your field of expertise?

The Nottingham MBA will help you make the transition into a business role that much easier. You will learn new business techniques, will grow in confidence and will be able to apply your cutting-edge business knowledge to your specialist field.

Helping to shape your identity

Whatever your reasons or motives for studying an MBA, we will give you the capacity to deal with complex and changing organisations, encourage you to think and operate internationally, and support you to create your own authentic and effective leadership identity.

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MBA case study

Susan Finch

Susan Finch, Site General Manager, Pennine Healthcare

I chose the Nottingham MBA because of the Business School’s ranking, the positive feedback of previous MBA students and the fact that I could study specialised MBA modules.

An Executive MBA makes my skills and education current and highly relevant to the dynamic nature of business today.

The curriculum is challenging, yet rewarding. Many faculty members have a lot of business experience and knowledge, which underpins and supports the academic learning.


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