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Priyanka Vedi

Psychology BSc, Human Resource Management and Training MSc, CIPD Associate, Level 7

Room: C30A (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 84

Current Status: Minor Corrections
Year of Registration: 2016
Expected Completion Date: /09/2019

Primary Funding Source:
University of Nottingham - NUBS Scholarship

Research Topic:
A detailed analysis into the emotional labour experiences of junior doctors practising within the UK NHS.

Research Details:
This study considers the nature of the emotional labour (Hochschild, 1983) undertaken by junior doctors in relation to contemporary changes in medical work. These include changes to work organisation, the rise of consumerism and the reconfiguration of the health system along market lines. In light of recent NHS reforms, there appear to be three key logics surrounding the work organisation of junior doctors economic rationalism, consumerism and professionalism. While the implications of these competing logics have been explored elsewhere, analysis has not yet included consideration of how competing logics impinge on emotional aspects of healthcare work. This appears particularly important in the case of junior doctors, who are required to work on the frontline of patient care and have been at the sharp-end of recent healthcare reforms for some time.

The study draws on notions of customer-orientated and professional bureaucracies as a means of outlining the changing context of junior doctor work. Forthcoming empirical work will seek to investigate the experiences of junior doctors performing emotional labour, with respect to Bolton's (2004) typology of emotional management. It will also consider situations in which emotional labour lead to positive or negative experiences of work. This considers how doctors manage interactions with patients as well as relationships with peers and colleagues to deal with the emotional demands of work. It draws on Brown and Duguid's (1991) notion of 'communities of practice' in order to strengthen our understanding of the positive aspects of emotional labour, and discusses the sharing/coping of emotional experiences with colleagues and others.
CurrentTeaching: Organisational Behaviour - undergraduate module, NUBS.

Research Supervisor/s: Marek Korczynski and Simon Bishop

Department: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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