Ingenuity Lab Roundtable Series: What they don't tell you about starting a business

Ingenuity Centre
Wednesday 7th December 2022 (16:00-17:30)
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What they don't tell you about starting a business
Holly Woodford, Her Spirit

Business planning, branding, finance, and sales are core elements of setting up any business. However, no matter how well you develop these areas there will be surprises along the way that will be very unexpected.

Come and join Holly Woodford as she gives real-life examples of entrepreneurial barriers and challenges, whilst sharing keys to unlocking the door to long-term start-up success. 

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The Ingenuity Lab helps University of Nottingham students and alumni to develop their entrepreneurial ambitions. Working with industry experts, it provides practical business support to around 160 new and early stage start-ups. 

This event is open to Lab members, Entrepreneurs in Residence, Haydn Green Institute students, Witty Scholars and all University of Nottingham staff members. For more information on how to attend the virtural seminar, please contact

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