Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ingenuity Lab Roundtable Series: Can't sell, won't sell

A15, Ingenuity Centre
Wednesday 21st June 2023 (13:00-14:00)
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RT Graham

Can't sell, won't sell
Graham Podmore

Wednesday 21 June at 1pm
A15, Ingenuity Centre and online via MS Teams

You are an entrepreneur, an innovator and a business person, but the notion of being a sales person perhaps fills you with dread. You might think sales is a lowly profession best suited to charlatans, con artists and those blessed/cursed with the gift of the gab. However, whether you are pitching your product to a potential customer or approaching a prospective investor – you ARE selling, and this is a very reputable and essential skillset when done with integrity.

This Roundtable with Entrepreneur in Residence Graham Podmore will address the negative stereotypes associated with sales, confront your fears, and provide some pointers to reframe your views on selling. Learn how first-hand sales experience will improve your business, and that anyone who believes in what they are doing can sell competently and successfully.

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The Ingenuity Lab helps University of Nottingham students and alumni to develop their entrepreneurial ambitions. Working with industry experts, it provides practical business support to around 160 new and early stage start-ups. 

This event is open to Lab members, Entrepreneurs in Residence, Haydn Green Institute students, Witty Scholars and all University of Nottingham staff members. 

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