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In the Operations Management and Information Systems Department we tackle a wide variety of issues across the two disciplines.

Operations management applies sophisticated methods to solving business problems related to designing, planning, and improving logistics and supply chain management processes, while information systems focuses on bridging the divide between computer science and business management.

Approach to research

Our approaches to operations management research are wide ranging and include behavioural and human factors methods, modeling and simulation, and analytical techniques of operations research.

Colleagues within the information systems section also adopt an interdisciplinary research approach, aiming to better understand the relationships between information systems (including technology), work and organisation (both virtual and physical) and to develop new tools and methodologies for enhancing system design.

Thomas Chesney, Professor of Information Systems, talks about research into the eradication of modern slavery.


OM Research Interests

  • operations strategy
  • systems design
  • collaborative design and new product development
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • mass customisation
  • planning and control
  • outsourcing logistics and supply chains
  • quality management
  • modeling and simulation
  • technology and knowledge management

IS Research Interests

  • Information systems strategy,
  • strategic alignment of information systems and business,
  • human factors design of complex information systems,
  • emotion and organisational change,
  • open source innovation
  • Web 2.0
  • new technology in higher education
  • green computing
  • technological innovation and organisational learning
  • strategic management of inter-organizational networks
  • B2B network orchestration
  • complexity and systems theories


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