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How CeDEx Can Help

The following examples are based on actual client interactions:

1 Designed an experiment but need specialist help?

Researchers who know what they want to investigate, and the approach they want to take, can ask CeDEx for help turning their design into a functioning decision-research experiment.  Our Lab Manager has a doctorate in Behavioural Agent Based Simulations (behavioural economics with a computer science background), and can programme your experiment in the software of your choice.  This will be tested thoroughly to ensure it’s ready for you to take away and start your experiment with confidence. Of course, if you decide running your own experiment is too time consuming, CeDEx can run it for you using our subject pool and our labs.   

Vintage Photo of Colleagues at CeDEx (taken early 2010s)

2 Gather data for your research using a different subject-volunteer pool 

Academics who have designed, programmed and run their decision-research experiments locally, sometimes find they need more data before publishing their results.  CeDEx can help by undertaking ‘duplication’ experiments.  We will use the parameters you choose to recreate your former treatments.  Whether you are based in the UK or overseas, we can co-ordinate your sessions to run in the CeDEx-CRIBS labs or online. We have access to industry standard software, such as Z-Tree, which means these projects are usually straightforward and we can quickly gather the extra data you need without the need for additional programming. 

3 Work in collaboration with CeDEx to deliver results to your clients

If you’re an agency /consultancy looking for answers on behalf of your client, then CeDEx can help.  We will draw on the skills and experience of our academics to design quality research to address the questions being posed. We have experience of multi-layered experiments and delivering for a variety of end users, including government departments. With one such project CeDEx was involved right from the start, providing an outline design and costings to be included in the bid to tender.  Working in collaboration with partners, our lead academic finalised the research design which was then programmed and tested by our Lab Manager.  We ran a small pilot to further check the experiment performed as expected, before collecting data from over 800 subject volunteers. Anonymised, raw data was shared daily with the consultancy and, at the end of the experiment, we produced a summary of the findings.  If required, one of our junior researchers can undertake further analysis to provide you with a more comprehensive report. 


These are just three examples of the types of projects we can help with.  If yours is different, just get in touch to discuss your needs.  Please email: Dr Jose Guinot Saporta (Lab Manager). 

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