Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

Lab Facilities and Hire

CeDEx at Nottingham consists of two labs - one in the School of Economics on University Park Campus and one in the Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) on Jubilee Campus.  Combined, we have 72 computer terminals for use by subjects (32 in Economics and 40 in NUBS) operating on Windows Systems and installed with standard software, ready to run experiments in Qualtrics, Lioness, different versions of zTree or any other software you are interested in. Besides these two labs we have 20 Windows tablets in order to move the lab where you need it. You can view photos of our labs.

Our volunteer subject database has over 3,000 registered subjects (university students) and this is evolving all the time, with fresh students every semester.  They are recruited via ORSEE to take part in lab experiments and online experiments.  We also have experience in recruiting and paying subjects through platforms such Amazon Mechanical Turk or Academic Prolific, which have massive subject pools.

Our labs are overseen by a Lab Manager who is also available to offer expert advice and assistance to those running (or thinking of running) experiments.  This can include programming experiments, guidance on minimum subject payments and help with ethical approvals.

We are happy to hire our lab facilties to academic institutions and companies.  If you would like further information, including an overview of our services and outline of costs please email your enquiry to our Lab Manager.  Once you have an idea of what services you need and the sessions you would like to run, we can provide a detailed estimate of costs and check availablity for your experiment.

Privacy Policy: The University of Nottingham is committed to protecting your personal data and informing you of your rights in relation to that data.  We will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. The current version of all of our Privacy Notices can be found on our website.

Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

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