Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

Photos of Nottingham Labs

Gallery of Photos from our CeDEx Nottingham Labs in the School of Economics and Nottingham University Business School


CeDEx Lab Sign (Economics)
Welcome to the CeDEx lab in the School of Economics, Sir Clive Granger Building


Controller Area in the CeDEx Lab
We have a designated central area for the controller (researcher) to use. 


Subjects during an experiment
Subject taking part in an experiment in the CeDEx lab (School of Economics)


CRIBS lab ready for action
CRIBS lab ready for action - showing an overview of the lab which seats 40 subjects


CeDEx Lab ready for arrival of subjects
CeDEx Lab (School of Economics) ready for the arrival of subjects to take part in an experiment


Controller During an Experiment
The control area during an experiment.  A microphone is available to give instructions, if required.


CRIBS door sign
Welcome to the CRIBS lab in Nottingham University Business School, Jubilee Campus


CRIBS desk
An individual desk in the CRIBS lab, ready for the subject to start an experiment





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