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We have carried out a study to assess the knowledge and views of veterinary Editors-in-Chief on reporting guidelines, identify the policies of their journals, and determine their information needs.

Editors-in-Chief of 185 journals on the contact list for the International Association of Veterinary Editors were surveyed in April 2012 using an online questionnaire.

Key findings:

• 47% of Editors-in-Chief did not know what a reporting guideline was before the questionnaire;
• 35% of Editors-in-Chief said their journal referred to reporting guidelines in its instructions to authors;
• 68% of respondents believed that reporting guidelines should be adopted by all refereed veterinary journals;
• There is a need for further communication and education about reporting guidelines for editors, authors and reviewers.

An open-access paper describing the results of this survey has now been published:

Grindlay DJC, Dean RS, Christopher MM, Brennan ML. A survey of the awareness, knowledge, policies and views of veterinary journal Editors-in-Chief on reporting guidelines for publication of research. BMC Veterinary Research 2014; 10:10

We have also written an author Q&A article for BioMed Central's Biome magazine.

For further information on reporting guidelines see the website of the EQUATOR Network, which describes a range of reporting guidelines for different study types, including research in animals.

Contacts: Dr Rachel Dean and Dr Marnie Brennan

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