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Cats with lymphoma

There is limited information available for owners of cats with lymphoma to make an informed decision on how long their cats are expected to live following a diagnosis.  The aim of this project is to enable practitioners to provide clients with an up to date evidence base for recommending chemotherapeutic treatment in cats following a diagnosis of lymphoma by determining how long cats with lymphoma survive following treatment. 

Case selection will include histopathology and cytology samples from laboratories within the CVS (Consolidated Veterinary Services) group confirmed to have feline lymphoma. History and follow-up treatment and information on these cats will be obtained through questionnaires completed by the relevant practices.

We hope to perform survival analyses on affected cats after treatment and also record and compare any differences between their survival rates on the basis of signalment, anatomical site of the disease, subtype of lymphoma and also to assess whether precorticosteroid treatment has an effect on their survival rates following a course of chemotherapy. 

This project is in its early stages. If you are interested in participating, please contact Anne via her details below.


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