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Research Expertise and Supervision


We offer PhD research supervision in all our languages (French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian/Croatian, Spanish) and in Translation (including Arabic-English and Chinese-English). You can see range of research areas below.

Our postgraduates have the option of working with the postgraduate research journal Languages, Texts and Society.

Cinema and Visual Performing Arts

  • Dr Jean Andrews (Iberian Renaissance painting)
  • Dr Jerome Carroll (German theatre)
  • Prof Jeremy Lane (French reception of jazz)
  • Dr Polly McMichael (Russian popular music)
  • Dr Pierre-Alexis Mével (Film subtitling)
  • Dr Rui Miranda (Lusophone and transoceanic cinema)
  • Dr Rachel Palfreyman (German cinema)
  • Prof Stephen Roberts (Spanish neorealism, auteurs)
  • Dr Mark Sabine (Portuguese, Lusophone African cinema)
  • Dr Álvaro J Vidal Bouzon (Spanish and Portuguese cinema)
  • Dr Vladimir Zorić (Serbian and Croatian cinema)
  • Dr Rhiannon Harries (French contemporary cinema)
  • Dr Laura Todd (Serbian/Croatian cinema)
  • Dr John Marks (French cinema)
  • Dr Siggy Frank (Twentieth Russian visual culture)
  • Dr Paul Hegarty (Experimental music and performance)

Gender Studies

  • Dr Jean Andrews (Hispanic women's poetry)
  • Prof Heike Bartel (German feminist studies)
  • Dr Jane-Marie Collins (Brazil, slavery)
  • Dr Ute Hirsekorn (German gender studies)
  • Dr Rachel Palfreyman (German gender studies)
  • Dr Mark Sabine (Portuguese queer culture)

History, Politics and Society

  • Dr Rebecca Ford (French enlightenment)
  • Prof Jeremy Lane (Post-war sociology)
  • Dr John Marks (Contemporary society)
  • Dr Paul Smith (Contemporary France)
  • Dr Ute Hirsekorn (GDR memory)
  • Prof Maike Oergel (Historicism)
  • Dr Rachel Palfreyman (Heimat discourse)
  • Dr Karl Wilds (History and politics)
  • Dr Bram Mertens (Western European post-war literature and thought)
  • Dr Vladimir Zorić (Contemporary Serbia)
  • Dr Siggy Frank (Russian emigres)
  • Dr Monica White (Medieval Russia and Byzantium)
  • Prof Parvathi Kumaraswami (Cuba)
  • Dr Jane-Marie Collins (Brazil, slavery)
  • Prof Neil Hughes (Spain, education)
  • Dr Rui Miranda (Lusophone, post-conflict cultures)
  • Prof Stephen Roberts (Spain, intellectuals)
  • Dr Mark Sabine (Lusophone and transoceanic studies)
  • Dr Álvaro J Vidal Bouzon (Iberian, national identities)

Intellectual History and Critical Theory

  • Dr Jerome Carroll (Anthropology, aesthetics)
  • Dr Yves Gilonne (Post-war, French philosophy)
  • Prof Jeremy Lane (Post-war French thought)
  • Prof Paul Hegarty (French theorists)
  • Dr John Marks (Contemporary thought, social theory)
  • Dr Rui Miranda (Lusophone thought)
  • Prof Maike Oergel (Comparative intellectual history)
  • Prof Stephen Roberts (Modern Spanish thought)
  • Prof Adam Sharman (Modern Spanish thought)
  • Dr Álvaro J Vidal Bouzon (Iberian political thought)
  • Dr Vladimir Zorić (Critical discourse analysis)

Linguistics and Translation Studies

  • Prof Cecilia Goria (Italian)
  • Prof Nicola McLelland (German, Dutch, French, and history of linguistics)
  • Dr Olivia Hellewell (Slovene, Spanish, minority languages and markets)
  • Dr Eric Sun (Chinese-English translation and localisation)
  • Dr Jean Andrews (Translating poetry)
  • Dr Martyn Gray (French and German translation and industry)
  • Prof Heike Bartel (German-English translation)
  • Dr Yvonne Lee (Chinese-English translation)
  • Dr Pierre-Alexis Mével (French-English translation, audio-visual translation)
  • Prof Maike Oergel (German-English translation, translating cultures)

Literary Studies

  • Dr Ewa Szypula (French Nineteenth-Century literature)
  • Dr Philippa Read (French literature)
  • Dr Rebecca Ford (Enlightenment writing)
  • Dr Yves Gilonne (20th century)
  • Prof Jean-Xavier Ridon (20th century, travel writing)
  • Prof Heike Bartel (Poetry and women's writing)
  • Dr Jerome Carroll (Drama)
  • Dr Ute Hirsekorn (Autobiography)
  • Prof Maike Oergel (Enlightenment, Romanticism)
  • Dr Siggy Frank (20th century Russia)
  • Dr Polly McMichael (20th century Russia)
  • Dr Vladimir Zorić (20th century Serbia)
  • Dr Jean Andrews (Contemporary poetry)
  • Dr Rui Miranda (Lusophone literature)
  • Prof Stephen Roberts (Modern Spanish literature)
  • Prof Adam Sharman (Spanish-American literature)
  • Dr Álvaro J Vidal Bouzon (Iberian writing)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies

  • Dr Jean Andrews (Iberian poetry, painting)
  • Dr Rebecca Ford (French enlightenment)
  • Prof Nicola McLelland (Linguistics, language history)
  • Prof Maike Oergel (German and British literature)
  • Prof Adam Sharman (Latin-American enlightenment)
  • Dr Monica White (Russia and Byzantium)

Post-colonial Studies

  • Prof Heike Bartel (German and comparative)
  • Dr Jean-Marie Collins (Brazilian slavery)
  • Prof Parvathi Kumaraswami (Cuba)
  • Dr Mark Sabine (Lusophone Africa)
  • Dr Rui Miranda (Brazil, Spanish-America post-conflict)
  • Prof Jean-Xavier Ridon (Postcolonial travel discourses)
  • Dr Vladimir Zorić (Austrian-Hungarian Empire)

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