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Financing your Year Abroad

Year Abroad  

The Year Abroad doesn't have to be any more expensive than studying in Nottingham, if you budget well and take advantage of any funding and financial support which you may be eligible for.

What do I have to pay?

All students pay for their own:

  • accommodation
  • travel
  • insurance
  • visa
  • immunisation costs (if applicable)
  • living expenses whilst studying or working abroad

Fluctuating exchange rates also need to be taken into account.

Funding help

Having an international study or work experience can still be possible, whatever your financial background.

The university offers a range of funding opportunities for students studying or working overseas, including:

  • automatic and means tested bursaries
  • merit based scholarships
  • destination based scholarships

Depending on where you study or work, you may also find there is external funding available through organisations like the British Council. 

If eligible, you can also apply for a Travel Grant to claim travel costs back from Student Finance England. You’ll also get your core bursaries paid.

Study placements

Study placements will be arranged through the Turing scheme, announced by the UK government in 2021 and currently in development. 

How do tuition fees work?

Your tuition fees for your year abroad will be substantially reduced.

All University of Nottingham students who take part in one of our exchange programmes pay their tuition fees to the University of Nottingham UK, in the usual way. 


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