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Cobot Maker Space

The Cobot Maker Space is a university cross-faculty facility and was developed with a combination of Smart Products Beacon and strategic EPSRC funding and partners the Horizon DE Research Institute and the TAS Hub
Cobot Maker Space

About The Cobot Maker Space

The space is a vibrant, multi-purpose facility for human-robot interaction research and supports three kinds of activity:

Creation - enabling researchers to explore human-robot collaboration across a wide range of domains from assistive technologies to manufacturing, to creative performance.  

Research - enabling research into how humans can interact with collaborative robots – co-bots – in more richly embodied ways.

Deployment – a public-facing space to for deploying and studying cobots, including opportunities for them meeting the public.  

Facilities include:

Lab Space offering flexible space to assemble, trial and research ideas which is fitted with biometric sensors, data processing facilities and recording equipment – for instant switching between making and researching.

A Workshop equipped with a range of tools and a 3D printer to support rapid prototyping.

A Living Space resembling the appearance of an office or living room, which allows people to test their ideas in an everyday environment.





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