School of Computer Science


CybSec is a centre of interdisciplinary cyber security research and education, securing the digital environment through combined advances in formal and human-centric cyber security research. 

The unpinning aim of our research is ensuring security that is effective for those who need it, recognising who cybersecurity is actually for – namely the individuals, organisations and wider society that want to use and trust the technology – and enabling protection that works in a manner that they can relate to.

CybSec’s core activities sit at the intersection of security technology and those that use it   Our projects are focused upon delivering the theoretic security properties in practice, removing technical obstacles and achieving effective and usable approaches, alongside human-centric solutions that empower people to be the strongest link.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • cyber threat intelligence
  • cybercrime and abuse
  • human aspects of cyber security
  • intrusion detection and response
  • network security
  • risk management
  • trust and uncertainty in cyber security
  • user authentication and biometrics
We also have interest in the cyber security application of techniques such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning.




School of Computer Science

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