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Horizon Digital Economy Research is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for Digital Economy research.  Based within the School of Computer Science, Horizon is in it’s third iteration of EPSRC funding ‘Trusted Data Driven Products’.

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About Horizon

Horizon is dedicated to researching, promoting and championing the potential of digital technology, looking at the challenges of providing a new generation of personally meaningful experiences that use the digital footprints we leave behind when we interact with the internet, smart devices and other digital technologies.

Presently in our third round of EPSRC funding ‘Trusted Data Driven Products’ explores the idea that future products will be hybrids of both physical and digital - as physical products become embedded with digital capabilities that capture their provenance, to software that facilitates them to adapt their behaviour.

We aim to deliver exciting impact to shape the digital economy of tomorrow and work in collaboration with academic, commercial, public and third sector partners across a wide range of subjects in a way that respects personal privacy and enriches social interactions.

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