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The Intelligent Modelling and Analysis (IMA) group has established itself as a unique brand in the UK for end-to-end data modelling and analysis. We are a highly inter-disciplinary research group focusing on the development of models and techniques for real-world and multifaceted problems in data analysis.

We encompass researchers from a variety of backgrounds including computer science, the biomedical sciences, operational research, mathematics, statistics and complexity science. The group currently has seven permanent academics, two support staff, ten research staff and over 40 Marie Curie Fellows and PhD students. We hold over £33m in current external research funding and have led a further £6m of completed projects 

Research Techniques

To undertake this world-leading research, we use a range of techniques including: 

  • AI-based Data Mining
  • Bio-Inspired Algorithms
  • Computational Modelling
  • Discrete and Agent-Based Simulation
  • Fuzzy Methodologies
  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
  • Qualitative Methods including Structured Interviews

Research Objectives

IMA's main research objectives are:

  • Modelling and representation of challenging problems, with particular emphasis on biomedical and digital economy application domains
  • Creating cutting-edge analysis methodologies, both for general purposes and specifically tailored to our main application domains
  • Focussing on difficult, challenging and important real-world problems, with particular emphasis on large and noisy data sets.

Group leader

Professor Jon Garibaldi

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Intelligent Modelling and Analysis

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