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Cyber-physical Health and Assistive Robotics Technologies


Cyber-physical Health and Assistive Robotics Technologies (CHART) research group is an interdisciplinary team of researchers conducting foundational and applied research in socially and physically assistive robotics technologies, smart sensing and artificial intelligence to support personalised health and well-being.

Our research themes cover key topics in robotics, intelligent sensing, cyber-physical systems infrastructure, user-centred design methodologies and ethics of technology-enabled care. Our research strategy is to ensure that robotic devices can be integrated and deployed as elements of a broader ecology of connected assisted living technologies. As such, we are conducting research in intelligent control architectures, that can be extended over time, as new functionalities are defined, and people’s conditions and needs change.

We have a rich and diverse portfolio of externally and internally funded projects, working in collaboration with a range of stakeholders. Our areas of applied research include socially and physically assistive robots as intelligent ‘personalised support assistants’, smart devices and technologies for fostering better mental health and improving health behaviour, intelligent sensing and novel sensors to develop new methods for recognising abnormal data patterns, accessible interfaces for people with sensory, cognitive and physical impairments using a range of sensory modalities, and decision-support systems with easy to use dashboards and tools for healthcare professionals.

CHART is part of the Cobot Maker Space ( which incorporates fully-instrumented living lab test beds including a studio apartment area, hospital ward room and museum room, as well as a range of robot platforms, a workshop area and technical support to enable prototyping. 

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Prof Praminda Caleb-Solly

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Cyber-physical Health and Assistive Robotics Technologies Research Group (CHART)

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