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Watch our student videos and read the testimonials from our PGCEi students to find out more their experience of the course and how it has helped with their professional development.

Malathy R Narayan
Bangalore - India cohort

Rehema Parmena
Nairobi - East Africa cohort


Shafinaz Buruhanudeen
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia cohort

Mark Jones
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia cohort



Ritu Kundu
Senior Secondary Physics Teacher ISC, IBDP, IGCSE
Ebenezer International School, Bangalore

PGCEi cohort: Bangalore, India 
Year of graduation: 2019 


How did you time at university help shape your career?

I was always interested to learn something new. After eight years working in the same school I started yearning for learning something new, something different. That is when I found out about PGCEi course through a parent online portal in my daughter's school. I have been teaching in Indian curriculum for a long time. PGCEi helped me widen my career prospect and I feel confident to teach in international curriculum. I am now teaching Physics at IBDP level and also guide students with their extended essays. PGCEi course and module assignments enhanced my writing and referencing skills to a great extent.

If a student wanted to follow in your footsteps, what could they be doing now to help them get ahead?

My students need to be proficient in English and prepare for IELTS or SAT in order to study an international curriculum. They would also need to graduate in their subject specific area and need to decide on the subjects they would like to study. I chose a Masters in Physics after graduating with Physics as Major. I also studied and completed my MPhil, both of which helped me in further pursuing a PhD. The students also need to have a  professional teacher's training like a BEd for teaching in schools in India. Developing a hobby helps you connect with people from different walks of life. I am a  graduate in Hindustani classical music (vocal) and I volunteered to help underprivileged children in a Government run school in India for a year as a singing lead. I could do this during my sabbatical due to family commitments.


After completing my bachelors and masters degrees in psychology and counselling in Canada and the UK, I returned to Cyprus and discovered my love for teaching and working with children.

I started out as a teaching assistant at a private English nursery, and with some experience came a longing to obtain a better understanding of the 'teaching world'. I was thrilled to find out I could get a teaching qualification from such a reputable university as Nottingham by means of distance learning.

The Nottingham PGCEi gave me the chance to familiarise myself with theories of learning, while allowing me the flexibility to continue working and applying the newly acquired tools, philosophies, and methods in my classroom.

The experience has made me a more effective, confident, and reflective teacher. This qualification was just the push I needed to start building a great teaching career in the pursuit of my dream of establishing my very own private nursery school.

Dragana Nikolic

The PGCEi course in Dubai worked for me. I wasn't ready to return to college full-time so it was helpful that I could do the course online. I liked the fast-track option. You knew it was up to you to get things done. The modules were highly relevant and very effective and the course helped me to think through various ways of teaching.

Valerie Walsh

The PGCEi course has led to a job. I start a full-time teaching career locally, in the town where I live in Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed the modules which have been very positive for me on many levels. I also really enjoyed attending the graduation ceremony in Nottingham in July.

Diana Perez

The PGCEi course is specifically tailored to suit teachers, like me, who already have teaching experience but want to further their careers by getting a higher qualification. The course is very well-paced and can be completed relatively easily while working full-time.

It takes into account that you are a busy, badgered teacher and gives you the opportunity to base a substantial portion of the coursework on whatever it is you are currently teaching.

There is, of course, a lot of research and reading involved, but this is made a lot less daunting by the great mentors, peer review, and the fact that almost everything you work on can be tied back into your classroom.

Lisa George

I have always been fascinated by science and naturally chose to become an engineer. Yet, as I started to move around the world to follow my husband and his expat jobs, I found out that keeping an industrial job in such circumstances was not realistic. 

Having experienced teaching at college level, I decided to start a new career path in international education. I have chosen to complete a PGCEi at the University of Nottingham and am now trying to benefit from my years spent in France, England, Germany, USA and Japan to integrate cultural differences into my teaching approach.

There are many reasons, both organisational and academic, why I have chosen to study online at the University of Nottingham. As I am living in Japan, coming back to France for the summer and planning to move to another country next year, flexibility in term of student individual schedule and individual workload was a very important aspect for me. 

In regards to academic content, I was looking for a serious programme focused on learning theories, but also developing all my pedagogical skills while allowing me to pursue a masters degree. Finally, because I wanted to be able to apply what I would be learning in a real teaching environment.

Marie-Gaetane Duran

Starting out as an untrained graduate teacher, I have learnt a lot in terms of planning lessons, trying to phase lessons - I've tried to make my classes more interesting.

I am more hands on with the students and more caring - making sure that the children understand and are comfortable - using more personal comment and praise.

Adrian Wyllie

The course has helped me to understand more about educational practice worldwide. It was good to be able to talk about course materials to fellow teachers in the same school - getting strength from each other.

We were supported by the school to be able to meet assignment deadlines and the course has made a positive impact on my job as well because I was promoted and my salary has improved.

Olubukola Moradeyo


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