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What is Recognition of Other Learning (ROL)?

This was formerly known as Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning (AP(E)L) and is the process by which the University recognises the learning and achievement of previous study or experience.

What modules can I claim ROL credits against?

ROL can be claimed against masters level credits gained from previous learning or from substantive vocational (and other relevant work) experience.

Some programmes list prior learning that are automatically considered as ROL and state the maximum number of credits that can be applied for. Please look for your course for further information. 

For all other applications the credits claimed must closely correspond to the learning outcomes of the specific modules from which the recognition is being sought. This is an assessment process on the part of academic staff within the University.

You can find information about qualification levels on the Qualifications and Credit Framework webpage.

Please note that we are unable to approve ROL for face-to-face courses where a student route visa is required to study in the UK. This is because we can only sponsor full-time students for a student route visa, and applying ROL for credits previously achieved reduces the study load to below full-time. International students are encouraged to consider our distance learning options such as if they wish to apply for ROL.

Please note that this does also apply to PGCEi alumni who can apply their PGCEi credits to subsequent MA study. 

Is there a limit on the time the learning has taken place?

The learning must be within 10 years. 

Where can I find information about specific modules ?

Detailed module information can be found using the module catalogue search. Module information provides details on module aims, content, learning outcomes, learning hours and assessment criteria. Previous learning/experience must match the criteria of the module you are applying for exemption from.

When should I apply for ROL?

Applications should be made at the time of application for admission to the University and at least four weeks before the start of the course. Applications are processed free of charge. Late applications will not be considered.

How do I apply for ROL?

Complete all details on the relevant form.

On either form please include:

  • the number of credits you are applying for
  • the specific modules from which exemption is being sought
Where do I send my application?

The completed application form and supporting documents ie. scanned copies of certificates or transcript should be emailed to Student Services.

What happens once I have submitted my form with corresponding evidence?

We will review and assess your ROL application against the following criteria:

For Recognition of Prior Certified Learning (RPCL) and Credit Transfer

  • The factual statements contained in the application have been substantiated
  • The prior learning has taken place in the last 10 years
  • Pass marks in those modules or units for which accreditation is being claimed were obtained
  • There is a close match between the prior learning and the level and learning outcomes of the modules which will not be taken as a result of the accreditation
  • The limitations on granting ROL contained in the University policy's regarding limitations on ROL and on double counting have not been breached

For Accreditation of Prior Experiential (or informal) Learning (RPEL)

  • An account of the activities undertaken which has resulted in learning, including the dates and duration of these activities
  • A detailed statement of what has been learned from these activities
  • Confirmation from an employer or other objective source of the activities you are claiming
  • Supporting evidence from an employer or other professional person

NB: On rare occasions we may also wish to interview you.

How will I know if my application has been successful?

You will be notified in writing (email) by the Student Services programmes team, and where your ROL application has been approved, the credits will be transferred to your student record when you have completed registration. However your registration as a student with the University will be conditional on the receipt of certified copies of documents where applicable.

Please note that we cannot add your ROL exemption to your student record until you have completed registration. This means your fees will show the full amount at the time of registration. When we have added your exemption, your record will show the reduced fees to be paid.



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