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Undergraduate Students

Our Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in lab/research experiments as part of their degrees in their first year. As they progress and continue their studies, they can tailor and specialise in areas of interest to them, which can often mean the increase in needing to utilise the lab space and equipment. 

Here's how our current students are using the labs and what they find interesting about our Psycholinguistic modules.



What lab experiments will I be involved in?

In the School of English, our research covers a huge variety of topics. In psycholinguistics, this ranges from language acquisition and bilingualism to emotion and memory; for literature and sociolinguistics, this includes literary interpretation, as well as aspects of identity and professional communication. Students will get to see many of these over the course of the Language and Context lectures.

Conducting research, especially in psycholinguistics, often involves gathering data in the lab. As part of Language and Context, students get the chance to participate in lab studies that our staff and PhD students are currently conducting. These include behavioural studies such as decision making tasks, and eye-tracking studies.




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