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Dissertations Modules and Essays
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Dissertation Titles (and link)


Q33406 - English Dissertation (Full Year)
Instagram: Therapy for Millennials? Exploring Mental Health Through Multimodal Metaphor Creation and Appropriation Philippa Mitchell
BA (Hons) English
Displacement, Refuge and Diasporic Identities in Samuel Beckett's Stories and Texts for Nothing.

Phoebe Stafford
BA (Jt Hons) English and French

'There's a number of hip-hop artists who are highly talented but politically retrograde': Socio-political engagement and counter-hegemony in Dave's Psychodrama Kathryn O'Connell
BA (Hons) English

Leaving Your Mark (or Matthew, Luke or John): An Investigation into the manorial affix in four Midlands counties.

Elizabeth Wall
BA (Hons) English

Q33406 - English Dissertation (Spring Term)
'Mislike me not for my complexion': Assimilation and Integration in Shakespeare's Othello and The Merchant of Venice

Tahira Rowe
BA (Hons) English

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Module and Essay Titles (and link)


ENGL3013 - English Place-names

Examine the value of place-names as evidence for the history, landscape and especially languages of your chosen area

Meghan Jarvis
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3015 - The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons
A Proto-The Dream of The Rood Tradition? From the Ruthwell Cross to Vercelli Text

Peiwei Wang
BA (Hons) English Language and Literature (2+2) 

ENGL3034 - Oscar Wilde and Henry James
Write an essay exploring BOTH Wilde’s AND James’s interest in ‘personality’ AND/OR ‘the personal’. You might like to consider the extent to which autobiographical writing serves as myth-making or self-defence, and to think about ‘intimacy’ of tone and the ‘subjective’ voice. 

Kari Jacobson
Erasmus Exchange Student from Luther College (Iowa, USA)

ENGL3036 - Songs and Sonnets

All The Light We Cannot See: Light and Sight in Dunbar’s ‘A Ballad of Our Lady’. 

Alice Reading
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3059 - Self and the World
To what extent is Shelley’s Creature in Frankenstein a direct reflection of Milton’s Eve in Paradise Lost

Siena Barry-Taylor
BA (Hons) English


ENGL3063 - Performing the Nation

'It is important to stress that the meanings associated with national iconography do not stand still. There are frequent struggles over meaning and demands to rethink the status acquired or transmitted by national icons.' To what extent do your chosen plays and performances rework and rethink national iconographies and to what effect? 

Marguerite Carter
BA (Hons) English
ENGL3067 - Single Author Study  
‘You mustn’t look in my novel for the old stable ego of the character’ (D. H. Lawrence in a letter to Edward Garnett of 5 June 1914, in The Letters of D. H. Lawrence, Vol. II, ed. George J. Zytaruk and James T. Boulton [Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981], p. 183). Discuss Lawrence’s experimental treatment of character in two or more texts on the module. 

Gregory Walker
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3068 - Gothic Tradition

Rebecca Waldock
BA (Hons) English


ENGL3070 - The Viking Mind
A Study of How Descriptions of Physical Appearance Can Affect the Perception of Characters in the Sagas of Icelanders, With a Particular Focus on Eyrbyggja sagaThe Saga of the People of Laxardal and The Vinland Sagas

Francesca Hadland
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3072 - Reformation and Revolution
Interrogating God: Donne’s Holy Sonnets and their religious contexts

Annie Peppiatt
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3094 - Language and Feminism
'Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?': a multimodal critical discourse analysis of the presentation of women in feminist artwork.  

Emily Moss
BA (Hons) English

ENGL3097 - Island and Empire
"The White Face of Moreau": Race, Gender, and Animalism In the Literature of the Imperial Campaign

Matthew Thompson
BA (Jt Hons) American Studies and English

ENGL3098 - Advanced Writing Practice: Poetry
Advanced Writing Practice: Poetry


Laura Garvin-Gomez
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

ENGL3099 - Advanced Writing Practice: Fiction

Advanced Writing Practice: Fiction


Phoebe Wade
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing


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