Charter of Incorporation

George the Sixth by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of Faith:

To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting;

Whereas a Humble Petition has been represented to Us by the University College of Nottingham praying Us to constitute and found a University within the said City for the Advancement of Knowledge the Diffusion and Extension of Arts Sciences and Learning the Provision of Liberal Professional and Technological Education and the furtherance of the objects for which The University College of Nottingham was incorporated by a Charter granted by Our Royal Predecessor His late Majesty King Edward VII and dated the twenty-seventh day of August 1903 which Charter was amended by a Supplementary Charter granted by Us and dated the twenty-eight day of March 1938 and to grant a Charter with such provisions in that behalf as shall seem to Us right and suitable.

And Whereas We have taken the said Petition into Our Royal consideration and are minded to accede thereto.

Now therefore know ye that We by virtue of Our Royal Prerogative and of Our Special Grace certain knowledge and mere motion by these Presents for Us Our Heirs and Successors will and ordain as follows:-

  1. By this Charter there shall be constituted and founded a University by the name of "The University of Nottingham" ("the University").
  2. The members of the Council, the Staff, the Graduates, the Students and the Chancellor of the University, and all others who shall pursuant to this Charter and the Statutes of the University be Members of the University are constituted and shall remain a single body corporate with perpetual succession and a Common Seal.
  3. We Our Heirs and Successors shall be the Visitor of the University through the Lord President of Our Council.
  4. The objects of the University shall be to advance education.
  5. There shall be a Chancellor of the University who shall be entitled to confer Degrees and other academic awards of the University.
  6. There shall be a Vice-Chancellor of the University who shall be the principal Academic and Administrative Officer of the University and Chair of the Senate and who shall in the absence of the Chancellor confer Degrees and other academic awards.
  7. There shall be such other Officers of the University as the Council may from time to time determine, who shall perform such functions and duties as may be decided by the Council.
  8. There shall be a Council of the University which subject to the Statutes of the University shall be the governing body of the University and shall have the custody and use of the Common Seal, the management and administration of the whole revenue and property of the University and the conduct of all the affairs of the University, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.
  9. There shall be a Senate of the University which shall subject to the Statutes of the University and the control and approval of the Council oversee the teaching and research of the University.
  10. There shall be Students' Union of the University in the United Kingdom, and there may be associations of students established at international campuses of the University.
  11. The University shall be a teaching and research body and shall have all the powers of a natural person including:
    1. To award degrees and other academic awards and to withdraw such awards;
    2. To acquire, own, maintain, manage and dispose of land and other property;
    3. To solicit, receive and administer fees, grants, subscriptions, donations, endowments, legacies, gifts and loans of any property whatsoever whether land or personal property;
    4. To act as trustee for an in relation to endowments, legacies and gifts;
    5. To invest any monies in the hands of the University and available for investment;
    6. In furtherance of the objects, and so far as permitted by charity law, to give guarantees;
    7. In furtherance of the objects, and so far as permitted by charity law, to borrow and raise money and give security for loans; and for those purposes the University shall have the authority to enter into any financial instrument which is ancillary or incidental to the exercise of such powers;
    8. To take such steps as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purposes of procuring and receiving contributions to the funds of the University and to raise money in such other manner as the University may determine;
    9. To co-operate and collaborate with other institutions and individuals, award joint degrees or other awards, and affiliate or incorporate into the University any other institution and take over its property, rights, liabilities and staff;
    10. To enter into engagements and to accept obligations and liabilities in all respects without any restrictions whatsoever and in the same manner as an individual may manage his or her own affairs; and
    11. To do anything else necessary or convenient, whether incidental to these powers or not, in order to further the objects of the University as a place of teaching and research.
  12. The Statutes set out in the Schedule to this our Charter shall remain in force until they have been amended, varied or repealed in the manner prescribed below. The Council may make new or additional Statutes for the University and may amend or repeal existing Statutes.

    All Statutes which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Our Charter shall be operative and have effect when allowed by Us in Council or by a Committee of Our Privy Council and not before. Such allowance shall be conclusive evidence of the Statutes so allowed being authorised by the provisions of this Our Charter.
  13. The Council of the University may make Ordinances and may amend or repeal any Ordinances so made. In matters referring to teaching and research, Ordinances shall be submitted to the Council on the recommendation of the Senate.
  14. The Senate may from time to time make, amend or repeal Regulations.
  15. It shall be the duty of the Council to bring before the Senate any matters which in its opinion should be dealt with by that body.
  16. The University shall treat students, staff and other people solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, age, soci-economic background, disability, religious or political beliefs, trade union membership, family circumstance, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction.
  17. The University shall not make any dividend, gift, division or bonus in money to or between any of its members except by way of prize, reward or special grant.
  18. The Council may at any time amend, add to or repeal provisions of this Charter and such amendment, variation, addition or repeal shall when allowed by Us Our Heirs or Successors in Council have effect so that this Charter shall continue and operate as though it had been originally granted and made as so altered, amended, added to or repealed. This Article shall apply to this Charter as amended, added to or repealed.
  19. In this Charter "Statutes" means the Statutes set out in the Schedule and any Statutes amending, adding to or repealing them which may be made by the Council of the University and may be allowed by Us in Council or by a Committee of the Privy Council. "Ordinance" means Acts of the Council of the University under the powers conferred by this Charter to which Our further sanction is not required. "Regulations" except when otherwise required by the context means Regulations made pursuant to this Charter, the Statutes, or the Ordinances.
  20. Our Royal Will and Pleasure is that these Presents shall always be construed benevolently and in every case most favourably to the University and the promotion of the objects of this Charter.

IN WITNESS whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

WITNESS Ourself at Westminster the twentieth day of August in the twelfth year of Our Reign.

BY WARRANT under the King's Sign Manual.


(sd.) NAPIER

This version of the Charter approved by the Privy Council - 21 July 2010


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