Ordinance VIII: Officers and Members of Council: Appointment and Removal

  1. The Vice-Chancellor shall appoint up to three Pro-Vice-Chancellors or other senior members of Staff to serve as Members of Council.
  2. Senate shall, by a process it determines, appoint five members of the Senate to be Members of Council.
  3. The Students' Union shall appoint the President of the Students' Union and one other student as determined by the Students' Union to serve as Members of Council.
  4. The Chancellor, Pro-Chancellors, the Treasurer, the President and Vice-President of the Council or any Members of the Council may be removed from their office as an Officer or member of Council for good cause by the Council.
  5. "Good cause" in this Ordinance includes:
    • conviction for an offence which may be deemed by the Council to be such as to render the person convicted unfit for the execution of the duties of the office; or
    • conduct of an immoral, scandalous or disgraceful nature incompatible with the duties of the office; or
    • conduct constituting failure or persistent refusal or neglect or inability to perform the duties or comply with the conditions of office whether such failure results from physical or mental incapacity or otherwise; or
    • some other substantial reason

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