Ordinance XV: Powers of the Senate

The Senate shall have the following powers:-

  1. To direct and regulate the instruction and teaching within the University and the examinations held by the University subject to the powers of the Council as previously defined.
  2. To promote research within the University and to require reports from time to time on such research.
  3. To appoint members of the Senate to be members of the Council.
  4. To make all regulations for giving effect to the Ordinances of the University relating to courses of study and examinations.
  5. To recommend External Examiners for appointment by the Council.
  6. To report to the Council on proposed changes of Statutes or Ordinances.
  7. To report to the Council on any academic matter.
  8. To report on any matter referred to or delegated to the Senate by the Council.
  9. To discuss and to declare an opinion on any matter whatsoever relating to the University.
  10. To formulate and modify or revise schemes for the organisation of the Faculties and Schools.
  11. To review, amend, refer back control or disallow any act of any of its sub-committees and to give directions to any such Board.
  12. To award Degrees (other than Honorary Degrees) Diplomas and Certificates.
  13. To make regulations subject to the approval of the Council for the discipline of the students of the University.
  14. To suspend any student from any class or classes and to exclude any student from any part of the University or its precincts, subject to subsequent report to Council.
  15. To have the authority to act on behalf of the Council between meetings of the Council on any regulatory matter concerning teaching learning and assessment requiring an immediate or early decision and to report any such action to the next ordinary Meeting of the Council.
  16. To suspend regulations relating to teaching learning and assessment in the interest of students as a last resort should university business be disrupted and to report any such action to the next ordinary meeting of the Council.
  17. To propose the names of recipients of Honorary Degrees subject to procedures prescribed by Ordinance.
  18. To exercise all such powers as are or may be conferred on the Senate by the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations and to do such other acts and things as the Council shall authorise.
  19. To delegate subject to subsequent report to the Senate the powers described in the following subsections of this Section to the bodies stated.
    (a)  Subsections 1, 5 and 13: to Teaching and Learning Board
    (b)  Subsection 2: to Research Board and Knowledge Exchange Board
    (c)  Subsection 14: to a Senate Disciplinary Committee
  20. To require any individual student to withdraw either temporarily or permanently, from the University, or from some part of it, on the grounds of health and safety following a recommendation by the Registrar and consideration of the case by a special committee of Senate.

(amendment approved 2015) 

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