Anniversary Date - Fractional contracts

The Anniversary Date is the start date of the current fractional contract of employment. As an example; if the fractional working arrangements commenced on 1 September 2007 the Anniversary Date will be 1 September each year.

The Anniversary Date is very important as this is the date that is used to calculate the yearly entitlement to salary, annual leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days.

If at any point of the year, the contractual working hours or working weeks are changed, the fractional workers Anniversary Date will change from the effective date of this change and the yearly entitlement to salary and holiday entitlement will be re-calculated. In order, to ensure that the correct salary and holiday entitlement is paid, Human Resources will need to be made aware of this change.

The Anniversary Date is also important if the fractional worker leaves prior to the end of their contract.

Last edited Jan 02, 2018