Changes to Working Hours or Number of Designated Working Weeks


Where there are permanent changes in the hours of work per week or the Designated Working Weeks per year, the current contract of employment will need to end and a new fractional contract issued. This is due to the changes having an impact on the fractional workers Full-time Equivalent (FTE) and salary.

For example, if the hours are increased then the salary will also increase, or if the working weeks are decreased, then this will decrease the salary. The new contract of employment will have a new Anniversary Date and the new hours or Designated Working Weeks stated. All other terms and conditions will remain the same and service with the University will be continuous.

Where there is an increase in hours, an Authority To Fill form will have to be completed. If there is a decrease, you must contact your Employment Relations Adviser for advice on how to notify this change in order for a contract to be issued. Depending on the date of change there could be an overpayment/underpayment, in view of this you may wish to speak to your Employment Relations Adviser to discuss the impact of this change.

Last edited Dec 13, 2015