Worked Example


You can either work through the example using the Fractional Calculator or use the step-by-step example to work out the information needed.

You will need the following information before using the calculator or going through the example below manually:

  • Hours of work in the normal full-time working week, APM/R&T/O&F Job Families, Levels 1-3 (4+ equals a nominal) work 36.25 hours.
  • Number of annual leave days entitlement, all Job Families Levels 1-3 = 25 days, Level 4+ = 30 days.
  • Number of contracted hours per week to be worked.
  • Number of Designated Working Weeks excluding any Bank Holidays/University Closure Days. If there is a Bank Holiday in the Designated Working Week and the fractional worker is not required to work the Bank Holiday, 0.2 of a week will need to be deducted from the Designated Working Weeks. For example, if the two May Bank Holidays, which fall on a Monday, are in the working pattern for the fractional worker, 0.4 of a week will need to be deducted.
  • Full-time salary for the post.

Example 1 – STARTER (Including calculation and step-by-step guide)

An Administration Assistant, APM level 1 is working 30 hours per week part-time for 31 Designated Working Weeks (there are two Bank Holidays during this period). The full-time salary for the post is £13,085.

Please work through the following steps detailed below.

  • Hours of working in the full-time normal working week = 36.25.
  • Holiday entitlement (full-time equivalent) = 25 days entitlement + 8 Bank Holidays + 5 University Closure Days = 38 days.
  • Hours of work per week = 30.
  • Designated Working Weeks = 30.6 (0.4 weeks deducted for two Bank Holidays as above).
  • Full-time equivalent salary = £13,085.

From this information we can work out the pro-rata salary and holiday entitlement for the fractional worker.

Step 1 – Full-time Equivalent (FTE)

  • Firstly, you need to work out the total number of hours to be worked in the year.

    Total hours to be worked per year = 30 hours x 30.6 weeks = 918 hours (A)
  • Secondly, you will need to work out the full-time working hours and holidays for the whole year.

    Full-time working hours per year = 36.25 hours x 52 weeks = 1885 hours (B)

    Full-time holiday hours per year = 36.25 hours / 5 days x (25+5+8) 38 leave days = 275.5 hours (C)
  • Finally,  the total working hours per year for a full-timer (excluding leave hours) = 1885 (B - working hours) minus 275.5 (C - holiday hours) = 1609.5 hours (D)

    The full-time equivalent (FTE) for the post is worked out as follows:

    To work out the full-time equivalent (FTE) take total hours per year (A) 918 and divide by (D) 1609.5 = 0.570 FTE


Step 2

The holiday entitlement hours are calculated as follows:

  • Holiday entitlement for fractional worker = 0.570 (FTE) x 275.5 (full-time holiday hours) = 157.1 hours
  • 157.1 hours / 30 hours per week = 5.2 weeks for annual leave


Step 3

Total contract length = 30.6 Designated Working Weeks plus 5.2 weeks holiday = (35.8) rounded to 36 weeks in total



Step 4

To  work out the pro-rata salary:

  • Take the full-time salary of £13,085 x FTE 0.5704 = £7,463.68 per annum / 12 (months) results in the monthly pay of £621.97.

Please note that the calculator rounds up and down.


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