Professorial Banding Review

The indicative banding process for 2021/22 will take place from July 2021 and is applicable to Level 7 staff within the Research and Teaching (R&T) Job Family, including staff in UMC and UNNC.

This process does not apply to Clinical Academics.

Our procedure aims to ensure that the University considers individual banding, taking account of the individual’s career profile and pathway.

The banding process will recognise a high level of achievement/contribution in three broad areas of activity:

  • Teaching and curriculum leadership
  • Research and scholarship
  • University and academic service, and good citizenship (whether by offer eg leadership, management, administration, collegiality, knowledge exchange or pastoral care within the University, or by engaging on behalf of the University with the wider community including globally).

Indicative banding key dates and activities

Communication to staff regarding process July 2021
Letters to staff regarding their indicative banding outcome July 2021
Faculty Briefing/Question and Answer sessions September 2021
Self-assessment and application window deadline 17 January 2022
HoS/HoD pro-forma for self-assessment deadline 28 February 2022
Faculty Committees review self-assessment applications March 2022 - April 2022
University Committee review self-assessment applications June 2022
Final banding outcomes confirmed to individuals July 2022
Confirmed bands and salary scales implemented 1 August 2022


Last edited Jun 30, 2023