Banding Process

The banding process gives Level 7 academic staff the opportunity to apply to be banded by taking into account the staff individual's career profile and academic framework.

The banding process is applicable to the Level 7 research and teaching (R&T) job family.

Full details of the banding process can be found in the banding guidance.


Key forms and guidance

Timetable for the 2023/2024 banding process (and going forward)

Email to staff letting them know the deadline for submitting applications October/November 2023
Level 7 banding applications deadline 5 January 2024
Head of School statements 31 January 2024
Faculty committee meetings deadline* 31 March 2024
Data collection ready for University panels 30 April 2024
Senior banding committee deadline 31 May 2024
Confirmation of outcomes June 2024
Effective date of change 1 August 2024
Note: Faculties can hold a local pre-committee prior to the deadline above, but it is not mandatory  


Last edited Nov 22, 2023