The promotion process is applicable to staff within the Research and Teaching (R&T) Job Family, including seconded staff in UNMC and UNNC.

Our procedure aims to ensure that the University offers promotion opportunities to staff taking account of the individual’s career profile and pathway.

Our promotion process recognises a high level of achievement in three broad areas of activity:

  • research and scholarship;
  • teaching and curriculum leadership activity;
  • university and academic service, and good citizenship (whether by offering eg leadership, management, administration, collegiality, knowledge exchange or pastoral care within the University, or by engaging on behalf of the University with the wider community, including globally).

Please note that if you currently hold a teaching-related post (R&T and T&CL posts, not R posts) you cannot apply for promotion until you have met any teaching requirement that was in place when you were appointed or promoted to that post.  For further details please refer to the relevant version of the ‘University Requirements for Teaching-Related Posts’ policy on the right-hand side of this page.


Promotions Key Dates and Activities

Please note: for 2022/23 applications, candidates may use the 2021 or 2022 forms. If there are mitigating circumstances to be considered, candidates need to follow the 2022/23 guidelines and ensure they speak to their line manager or Head of School or HR Business Partner to discuss their mitigation. This will ensure that the University is consistent in its application of mitigations.



Last edited Oct 04, 2022