Academic Promotion


The University's academic promotion process recognises and rewards the demonstration of excellence in the work of our academic staff in support of the University Strategy and in line with our University values.

The academic promotion process is designed to be fair, transparent and inclusive and is applicable to staff within the Research and Teaching (research and teaching, teaching and curriculum leadership and research) job family, including seconded staff in UNMC and UNNC.

The University is committed to ensuring that the academic promotion process recognises and rewards excellence in all staff, including those with protected characteristics. We, therefore, welcome promotion applications from everyone who believes they meet the criteria and particularly staff from underrepresented groups.

The University's promotion criteria focuses on three broad areas of activity:

  • research and scholarship
  • teaching and curriculum leadership
  • university and academic service, including good citizenship and collegiality in support of both colleagues and students, leadership, and the advancement of the University’s global, EDI, knowledge exchange and civic work agendas

For further details, please refer to the academic promotion procedure and guidance below.

Academic Promotion Experience - Andy Nortcliffe

Academic Promotion Experience - Yvonne Mbaki


Click here for the Academic Promotion Timetable

A process map showing the academic promotion process for applicants - see the academic promotion procedure for more information

This map shows a high-level view of the Academic Promotion process. For more information, please see the Academic Promotion Procedure and Academic Promotion Guidance for Applicants. Applicants should ensure they are aware of locally managed processes within their Faculty/School/Department. 

Our HR team is here to support you and can provide specific advice and guidance.



Last edited Jul 02, 2024