MOSS Symposium May 2013

Tuesday 7th May 2013 (16:30-18:00)

 Dr Nanette Nielsen, Director of MOSS


Immersion and proximity: new initiatives in pervasive drama and opera

Tuesday 7 May 2013 from 4.30-6.00pm
Arts Centre Lecture Theatre (ACLT), University Park, The University of Nottingham
Followed by wine reception and dinner

Pervasive drama and opera have in recent years seen innovative employments of technology and creative, flexible use of performance spaces, resulting in a development of new and exciting forms of audience experience, immersion, and engagement.  At The University of Nottingham, this has taken place through the work of a group of researchers since 2010 in a project called ‘Moving Experience: the production and consumption of pervasive entertainment’.

For this, a range of narratives, spaces and media technologies have been explored in connection with public performances of The Memory Dealer.  This pervasive drama includes specially composed music, adapting and adopting traditional models for film music and opera to the new, interactive, experiential dramatic space.

Concurrently in London, the opera company Silent Opera has since 2010 successfully introduced not dissimilar pervasive drama techniques into the world of opera, with several operatic performances drawing on a range of technologies (eg head phones) and spaces to ‘put audience members in close proximity to the drama and feel the intense sound world’ and ‘bring the action of the music to life without sacrificing the operatic narrative’.

This MOSS Symposium is designed to bring these recent developments together with a view to establishing common ground and ambition for further research and interaction.  Members from ‘Moving Experience’ and Silent Opera will present their findings, share experience, discuss and draw on audience input to construct useful avenues for developing the next stage for these exciting creative initiatives.

Panel speakers:

‘Moving Experience’:
Elizabeth Evans, Sarah Hibberd, Alex Kolassa, Rik Lander, Nanette Nielsen

Silent Opera:
Christopher Bucknall (Musical Director), Daisy Evans (Creative Director)

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