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Colloquium - Dr Elizabeth Kelly, "Channelling the American Vernacular in the Concert Hall: Addicted to Wah"

Arts Centre Lecture Theatre (A30)
Tuesday 16th February 2016 (16:30-18:00)
Music administration office on 0115 9513609.

In this colloquium, Assistant Professor in Music Composition, Dr Elizabeth Kelly presents 'Channelling the American Vernacular in the Concert Hall: Addicted to Wah'.

Dr Kelly says, "In Addicted to Wah, my composition for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s Ensemble 10/10, I explore an evocative sonority that has featured in many of my compositions — the “wah-wah” effect first pioneered by jazz trumpeters and trombonists. The effect is achieved by covering and uncovering the bell of the instrument. This motion transforms the quality of the tone to produce a sound reminiscent of a human voice saying “wah.”

In my presentation, I will explain why and how I incorporated a jazz sonority into a work for classically trained musicians playing orchestral instruments. I will also discuss the role of American vernacular music, from blues to rock, in my other compositions including my four concerti for the electric guitar in combination with different traditional classical ensembles. I will explore both the philosophical and practical issues that must be considered when incorporating vernacular influence, instruments and players into works for the classical concert hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend the colloquium.

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