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The Department of Music hosts a wide variety of specialist researchers. The list below shows the primary research interests of our academics.

Academics in the Department of Music 

Nick Baragwanath

  • Music History and Theory, 1600-1945
  • Aesthetics and Critical Theory 
  • Historical music pedagogy 

Harriet Boyd-Bennett

  • Music in Italy
  • Opera and performance
  • Modernism and the avant-garde

Mervyn Cooke

  • Benjamin Britten 
  • Film music
  • Jazz
  • Shakespeare and music 

Joanne Cormac

  • 19th-century music and culture
  • Liszt
  • Music and Literature (particularly biography)
  • The symphony post-Beethoven

Elizabeth Kelly

  • Composition
  • Music of the 20th and 21st centuries 
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration (Music with works, film, dance and new technologies)

Anne MacGregor

  • Nordic music 
  • Nationalism in music 
  • Early 20th century art-song

Duncan MacLeod

  • Acoustic and electro-acoustic composition 
  • Art, folklore, anthropology and acoustic ecology

John Morehen

  • Music of the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Computer applications in musicology 
  • Elizabethan rounds and canons for Stainer & Bell

Lonán ÓBriain

  • Ethnomusicology (Southeast Asia)
  • Folk music in Britain and Ireland 
  • Popular music studies 

Philip Olleson

  • Social history of music 
  • 18th and 19th century English music
  • The English Bach movement, looking at collaborations between Wesley and Vincent Novello

Simon Paterson 

  • Sound recording
  • Music production
  • Electronic and computer music 

Jonathan Tilbrook

  • Operatic, choral and orchestral conducting
  • Repertoire ranging from fourteenth century to present day

Xenia Pestova

  • Extended instrumental performance practices 
  • Performer-composer collaboration
  • Performance with new technologies 
  • Wellness for musicians 

Philip Weller

  • French music of the 17th and 18th century 
  • The history of opera between Lully and Gluck 
  • French tradition, including Debussy and Messiaen 

Peter Wright

  • English and continental music of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance 
  • Trent Codices 
  • Late medieval European polyphony and St Emmeram Codex 


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