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The Department of Music regularly hosts colloquia and conferences which offer students and members of the public the chance to hear academics from the department, as well as visiting scholars.

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Autumn term 2021

Tuesday 19 October
Dr Henry Parkes, University of Nottingham - The Miraculous Responsory: Medieval Visions of a Chant Genre

Tuesday 16 November
Dr Anna Bull, York University -Getting it Right: Classical Music as a Middle-Class Social Practice  

Tuesday 30 November
Dr Sohrab Uduman, Keele UniversityWhat is to be Done? - Frameworks, Choices, and Decisions

Tuesday 14 December 
Dr Zubin Kanga, Royal Holloway, University of London - Towards Musical Cyborgs: Developing New Technological Extensions to the Piano and the Pianist

All colloquia start at 3:30pm will take place via Microsoft Teams.

Please email Lonán Ó Briain to be added to the group.

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The department also runs a variety of other events, including lunchtime and evening concerts. For more information see our news and events page.



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