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Pre and Post-Darwinian Perspectives on Islamic Theological Anthropology

Saturday 10th (11:50) - Sunday 11th June 2023 (16:30)

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Since its inception, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has been surrounded by theological controversy; some religious traditions embrace the science while others reject it outright; still others represent a complex spectrum of intermediate positions.

Among the several areas of discussion taking place in this territory, the notions of (1) human uniqueness and (2) human nature have hardly received any consideration from Islamic perspectives (in contrast to the several publications by Christian thinkers in this area). The theory of evolution suggests that humans are continuous with the rest of the biological kingdom in time and space. Moreover, developments in human evolution have revealed that there were many other hominins prior to and, at one point, existing alongside Homo sapiens, the species which modern-day humans belong to. In light of these developments, this online conference is an invitation to develop Islamic perspectives on human uniqueness and nature both in a pre and post-Darwinian era. 

Schedule and programme

Saturday, 10 June, 11:50 am – 3:50 pm British Summer Time
Sunday, 11 June, 12:00 noon – 4:30 pm British Summer Time

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