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Future Communities Summit

Powering Communities - How can we enable greater economic activity and opportunity in low-income communities in Nottingham? How can new and innovative community-based enterprises achieve this?

At the Future Communities Summit, you will hear first-hand testimony of the experience of poverty and have exclusive access to primary data that will inform the development of community-based solutions to tackling poverty in Nottingham.

Working in partnership with community leaders and representatives, you will also look at examples of sustainable community enterprise to inform your own practice and create new and innovative initiatives of your own. During a weekend packed full of keynotes and idea-generation workshops, the Future Communities Summit will help you explore how to create real, lasting social change through non-profit, scalable activity.

Morning Keynotes

16 February 2019

At Ideas for Change, we will hear first-hand testimony of the experience of poverty in Nottingham from community leaders working to create change and impact in Nottingham. We will also be offered first-hand data from Experian, showing the socio-economic picture of low income communities in Nottingham. And finally, we will understand some of the structural issues within society that perpetuate these problems.

Lisa McKenzie Lisa McKenzie
Lecturer in Sociological Practice, University of Middlesex;
Author of ‘Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain
Marcellus Baz Marcellus Baz BEM
Managing Director,
Switch Up CIC
Sarah Robertson Sarah Robertson
Senior Consultant, Experian
Emma Stone Emma Stone
Director of Design and Research at Good Things Foundation

Colin Monkton Colin Monckton,
Director of Strategy, Policy and Analytics at Nottingham City Council



17 February 2019

Sustainable Futures will explore how we can create sustainable business models to create lasting social change. We will look across the UK, as well as internationally, for examples of community enterprise; we will also aim to understand how large organisations and investors create social innovation.

David Bartram David Bartram
Director of Ventures, UnLtd
Richard Donovan Richard Donovan
Global Head of Social Innovation and UK & Ireland Head of Corporate Responsibility, Experian

Hannah Barkan Hannah Barkan
Investment Analyst,
Big Issue Invest

Oliver-Waddington-Ball Oliver Waddington-Ball
Corporate Partnerships Manager, Big Issue Group; Founder and Chair, Goldfinger Factory
Cherie White Cherie White
Director, Think for the Future


Afternoon Ingenuity Live Sessions

Each afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, we will offer Ingenuity Live problem solving sessions. Participants will be split into multidisciplinary teams in a large auditorium where they will be taken through a 3-stage problem solving methodology to discover, determine and define solutions to challenges set. Challenges will be set by Experian and other sponsors and will relate to the mornings’ keynotes and overall aims of the event.

Teams will be made up of people of varied backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. In the spirit of cooperation and open collaboration themes around solving poverty will be explored with the aid of expert mentors. Day one will create the solution, while day two will look at the business model and sustainable operation.




The Ingenuity Lab

Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The University of Nottingham
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Jubilee Campus
+44 (0) 115 951 5493