What copyright protects

For a work to be protected it has to be:

  1. Original and/or demonstrate adequate skill, labour and judgement to create the work
  2. Written or recorded in a fixed form. This includes both digital and physical formats.
  3. One of the following eight categories of work:
      • Literary works - novels, poetry, journal articles, newspapers, letters, tables, manuscripts, song lyrics, computer programs and databases
      • Dramatic works - plays, dance, mime, scripts, screen plays, opera
      • Musical works - musical scores, but the lyrics are regarded as literary works
      • Artistic works - photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture, graphics, technical drawings/diagrams, map, charts
      • Sound recordings - vinyl records, CDs, recordings of other copyright works e.g. musical and literary
      • Broadcasts - radio and TV broadcasts
      • Films - films and documentaries
      • Typographical arrangements of published editions - layout and actual appearance of text based works 

See the Materials section for more advice on copyright in different types of works.


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