Screening films online

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Provided the conditions below are all met, it is reasonable for lecturers to show films online to students during live lectures or teaching events under Section 34 of the CDPA.

Before you decide to screen the film

  1. Lecturers must ensure that the film is not available via an existing online educational platform to which University of Nottingham subscribes, currently Box Of Broadcasts (BoB) and Kanopy
  2. Screening of the film must be solely for the purposes of instruction, and screened in the context of that instruction.
  3. Lecturers must use no more of the film than is necessary, i.e. the whole film should not be shown where short clips or extracts suffice for educational purposes.

When you are screening the film

Lecturers must ensure that the following criteria are met:

  1. Screenings must be limited to students registered on a particular module.
  2. Screenings must be scheduled for a defined time or times (the Library advises a maximum of two screenings per film, scheduled to reach students in different time zones where necessary).
  3. The platform used must be a closed loop, password-protected one, e.g. Moodle or Teams.
  4. Unless the film is available in DVD format in the Library’s collection, or freely available to view on the Internet, permission must be obtained from the rights holder directly.
  5. Students must be made aware that recording the film or sharing it elsewhere on the Internet is copyright infringement at the start of the screening.
  6. The film screening must not be included when recording the lecture.
  7. Making a copy of a film or format shifting is not permitted.
  8. In the event of a complaint from copyright owners, the University of Nottingham Libraries Take Down Policy will apply.

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