Open access books - publishing options

Choosing the right venue is key to publishing your research and when it comes to open access (OA) book publishing, there are a variety of different options.

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Funding/business models

Library membership

Libraries pay an annual membership fee to publishers to support the costs of making books open access e.g. Open Book Publishers.  

Book Processing Charges (BPC)

Publishers charge one-off payments to make a book or book chapter open access. These can be quite large e.g., £5-15,000 per whole book. Many commercial publishers offer this model now e.g. Bloomsbury.  

Green OA

Publisher allows authors to make their books, or parts of their books, available via an OA repository where they can be accessed openly.  

Institutional crowd funding

Libraries and other institutions support or pledge funds to make collections or individual books open access, once enough pledges are received, the collection/book is made open access e.g. Knowledge Unlatched.  


Publishers offer basic services for the work to be made available freely, but charge for additional features and functionality e.g., OpenEdition.   


Institutional presses that offer subsidised OA publication through their university press e.g. UCL Press. Member institution authors can benefit from fee waivers/discounts. 


Authors use independent services and technologies to publish their book openly.  



Please note, this is only a selection of publishers. If you find a venue you’d like to submit your book proposal to, they may have OA information on their webpages. If they do not, you should contact the managing editor.  

Open monographs publishing venues
 PublisherCosts (for whole monographs)Green OA policyMore information Notes
 Bloomsbury £6,500 - £12,000  1 chapter per book, 6-month embargo period, Author's Accepted Manuscript (AAM) or Version of Record (VoR)  Please see Bloomsbury open access Commercial press 
 Brill €10,000 (For 350 pages)  Contact publisher 

For costs see Brill OA charges.

For green OA see Brill rights and permissions. 

Commercial press  
Cambridge University Press (CUP) £9,500 (for 120,000 words)  1 chapter, six-month embargo period, AAM or VoR version 

For costs see CUP gold OA for books.

For green OA see CUP green OA for books.

Commercial press  
Edinburgh University Press (EUP) £8,000  Full text on institutional repository, 36-month embargo period, proof version   Please see EUP open access for authors. University press 
Goldsmiths Press £0  Full text, choice of licences  Please see Goldsmiths Press.  Green OA University press 
InTechOpen £10,000   Author retains copyright  Please see InTechOpen publish a whole book. Commercial press. Fully OA publisher  
Liverpool University Press (LUP) £8,500 (for 100,000)   Full text on institutional repository, 24-month embargo period, AAM version   Please see LUP publishing open access books. University press. Has an open access author fund.   
Manchester University Press (MUP) £9,850 (for 120,000)   1 chapter, 18-month embargo period, AAM version  Please see MUP open access books. University press 
Open Book Publishers (OBP) £0 Author retains copyright   Please see OBP Scholar/academic led press. Library membership funded. Fully OA publisher 
Open Humanities Press (OHP) £0 Author retains copyright    Please see OHP.  Scholar/academic led press 
Oxford University Press (OUP) Tailored fee to each monograph  1 chapter or 10% of book, 12 or 24-month embargo period, VoR version  

For costs please see OUP open access and academic monographs

For green OA please see OUP Author reuse and self-archiving.

Commercial press  
Palgrave Macmillan £6,000-£11,000  10% of book, 24-month embargo period, AAM version 

For costs please see Palgrave open access books FAQs.

For green OA please see Palgrave self-archiving for non-open access books and chapters.

Commercial press  
Punctum Books £0 Author retains copyright  Please see Punctum Books. Scholar/academic led press. Library membership funded. Fully OA publisher.  
Routledge £10,000+  1 chapter, 12 or 18-month embargo period, AAM version 

For costs please see Routledge publication charges. 

For green OA please see Routledge publishing open access books:chapters. 

Commercial press  
Ubiquity Press £3,650 - £8,860  Author retains copyright  Please see Publishing with Ubiquity Press. Commercial press. Fully OA publisher 
UCL Press £5,000-£7,000  Author retains copyright   Please see UCL Financing your book University press. Fully OA publisher. Fully funding offered for UCL authors/co-authors/editors.


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