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What's stopping your business from breaking into foreign markets? In the business world, clear and concise communication is key for the successful execution of daily operations.

Understanding cultural differences and overcoming language barriers are major considerations that organisations should keep at the fore when interacting with people of various cultures, but are often neglected.

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Here at LiPP, we have the expertise and the contacts you need to ensure your intercultural communication isn't holding you back. As a global university, we are specialists in getting international organisations talking. From our bases in China and Malaysia, our dedicated team of intercultural specialists can provide world-class consultancy and coaching to maximise your impact in new markets.

As a team, we have spent over a decade developing business partners across Asia. We work with our key contacts in all major industries to encourage, develop and troubleshoot all aspects of communication – experience we can share to help your organisation.

To find out more or to discuss working with us, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.


Hear what our workshop participants from previous sessions have to say about LiPP:

"Very charismatic speaker and very knowledgeable on the subject area."
"Well worth it - I learned so much from the workshop."
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Linguistic Profiling for Professionals

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