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Lunchtime talks

Audio from the lunchtime talks that accompanied the Charging Against Napoleon exhibition. These talks were given by guest speakers and recorded in a large auditorium; the use of headphones is recommended.

Waterloo after 200 years - the Curator's View

Richard Gaunt, curator of the exhibition 'Charging Against Napoleon', reflects on the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, 200 years to the day since it was fought.

"Hard pounding gentlemen!": The Tactics of Waterloo

Professor Charles Esdaile from the University of Liverpool re-considers Wellington's command of the Allied forces and the tactics which delivered his 'immortal victory'.

Commemorating Waterloo 1815-2015

For years, Britons commemorated the Battle of Waterloo in a myriad of ways. However, after Wellington's death in 1852, official acts of public commemoration declined as the legacy of Waterloo was both contested and politicised. In this talk, Dr Russ Foster, a specialist on Wellington, considers why this remains the case to this day.

Charging Against Napoleon

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