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Lunchtime talks

Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks that accompanied the exhibition. These talks were given by speakers from the University of Nottingham and recorded in a large auditorium; the use of headphones is recommended.

Audio recordings

Archives of Travel

Dr Ross Balzaretti gives an insight into the preparations behind the scenes of the exhibition.  He explains how the research process took place, and how the exhibits fit into the exciting history of travel since the 16th century.

Audio recorded 5 May 2016 





 The Grand Tour of the Fanshawe Sisters in 1829

Professor Charles Watkins and Dr Ross Balzaretti focus on the Grand Tour of the Fanshawe sisters who ‘did Europe’ in 1829. Using their surviving sketches, letters and poems this talk sheds light on the difficulties and pleasures of travel in the early 19th century.

Audio recorded 14 June 2016

Danger and the Grand Tour

Sarah Goldsmith (University of York) explores why 18th century Grand Tourists risked dangers such as mountain precipices, erupting volcanoes, battles, malaria and the ever-present danger of social failure. Could these perils ever be more than a dangerous nuisance?

Audio recorded 14 July 2016




Grand Tourists and Others: Travelling Abroad Before the Twentieth Century

Dr Ross Balzaretti gives a guided tour of the exhibition.



An animation based on the exhibition created by staff at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.


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