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Lunchtime talks

Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks that accompanied the exhibition. These talks were given by external speakers.

Audio recordings

The ‘Thin White Line’: European soldiers in colonial India

The military sat at the core of imperial rule in India. Although the army was composed largely of Indian troops, European soldiers were thought to be crucial to maintaining colonial rule. In this
talk, Dr Erica Wald explores the professional and daily lives of the European rank-and-file in India during the nineteenth century.

Audio recorded 20 April 2017

Clothing the Other: Fashion and the British Empire in India

Indian clothes and textiles were key items of trade for the British East India Company.  Yet clothes were more than just commodities, they symbolized the differences between ruler and ruled.  In this talk, Ibtisam Ahmed looks at the role of clothing in defining and enforcing British rule in India. 

Audio recorded 18 May 2017


‘Singing the Lord’s song in a strange land’: nineteenth-century debates over British rule in India

British imperialism in India was a contentious subject, especially amongst those who actively participated in the imperial project.  Drawing on the correspondence of British imperial elites and Indian rulers, Dr Onni Gust examines early nineteenth-century debates about the rights and wrongs of British conquest and rule in India. 

Audio recorded 19 July 2017 

The historic images of India, digitised from glass plate negatives formerly in the possession of Professor Henry H. Swinnerton and dating from the 1860s - 1870s will shortly be available to view online.


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