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Lunchtime talks

Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks that accompanied the exhibition. These talks were given by speakers from the University of Nottingham and recorded in a large auditorium; the use of headphones is recommended.

Audio recordings and slides

"And what became of the turnips?"

Exhibition curators Georgia Endfield and Lucy Veale discuss their research exploring histories of extreme weather in the UK. They discuss the development and creation of the exhibition and the work involved in the development of the TEMPEST extreme weather database.

Audio recorded 12 January 2017

Whom do we blame for the weather?

Professor Mike Hulme of King's College, London University, surveys different historical and cultural explanations for bad weather and ends with some reflections on whether or not climate science today is offering a new and helpful narrative of blame.

Audio recorded 9 February 2017

From Sorcery to Supercomputers

Using a selection of unique treasures from the National Meteorological Archive, this talk by archivist Catherine Ross aims to present a brief overview of developments in meteorology from the work of the Aristotle to the dawn of the computing age.

Audio recorded 7 March 2017

Manuscripts and Special Collections

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