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Multiscale Modelling and Heterogeneous Media


This research theme includes inter-disciplinary approaches to deal with complex heterogeneous multiscale problems. Rooted in traditional mathematical areas, it aims to develop synergies between multiscale analysis (homogenisation, variational convergence), stochastic modelling (random heterogeneous media, coarse-graining), multiscale numerical methods (MsFEM, Partitioned-domain multiscale methods, model order), and fluid and wave mechanics (phase-field modelling, mixture theory, interface and growth processes).

Applications include porous and heterogeneous materials (composites, soil, food), multiphysics multiscale PDEs (cell dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics), molecular dynamics and particle systems (polymers, proteins, DNAs, soft matter), agent-based dynamics and swarm robotics, materials science, magnetic materials, tissue engineering (growth in in-vitro bioreactor systems, or in vivo models), tumour modelling, placental flow, adsorption and reaction networks, energy storage applications (geothermal, batteries, CO2 storage).




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