Audience take their MOMENT to conduct live musicians…with their minds!

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The MOMENT is a unique brain controlled film where the plot is determined by the viewer, and now for the first time the music from the film will also be conducted live via the thoughts of two members of the audience.

‘The MOMENT’,is a dystopian science fiction film created by University of Nottingham researcher Richard Ramchurn. The film picks up reactions from the viewer via an EEG headset and switches the storyline depending on their response.

During this special screening of the film with the live score at Lakseide Arts on 16thNovember, two audience members will control their own version of the film and also conduct musicians and creators of the film soundtrack, Hallvardur Assgeirrson and Scrubber Fox.

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The music plays a powerful part in the telling of the story, helping change the mood and pace of the narrative, Richard explains: “The System communicates information directly from the viewer’s brain to the musicians. The challenge was how do we facilitate the musicians to play a score which is being re-ordered in real-time and is different every time.

The solution was to design an interface that allows the musicians to interpret the brain data in the same way a conductor communicates with an orchestra.”

The MOMENT live edits three interlinking stories using a specially designed headset to detect EEG brainwaves. The media adapts to the viewers attention levels, when the system detects a drop in attention it will cut to another narrative thread.There are over 17 trilion different narrative combinations of the film making each screening completely unique.

The film speaks to our present relationships with each other via social media. It is a reaction to the post truth world and holds up a mirror to people of their agency, and responsibility and asks the question, ‘'In a war of the mind, how do you rebel when your thoughts are monitored?' 

The MOMENT a Live Scored Brain Controlled Filmwill be screened on

Friday November the 16th, 7:30pm at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, Djanogly Recital Hall. Tickets cost £8, concessions £5

The MOMENT is Supported by The Arts Council England, Nottingham University and the EPSRC

Story credits

For more information contact Richard Ramchurn on or 07946 181 278

Jane Icke - Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Science)

Email: Phone: +44 (0)115 951 5751 Location: University Park

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